List of Lethal Company Terminal Commands

A quick guide on each terminal command and tips updated for the new update which includes a new commands which i have not seen anybody talk about.

Quick Command Legend

View Monitor
Ping [Booster]
Flash [Booster]
Door Opening (N6, M7, J4)


Moons will show you the moons and their weather condition, type the name of the moon to see the cost to travel and them confirm to launch

Store opens the store and the shows current discounts and the price to order, you can have 12 items in 1 shipment which will land within 1 hour after landing (TIP: you can also use the dropship sound to lure dogs)

Bestiary shows all creatures you have scanned personally and their lore which reveals weaknesses and strengths

Storage do this to see a list of furniture your teammates made the disappear then withdraw it by typing the name of the furniture

View Monitor shows a background overlay of the main monitor behind the terminal, useful for timing door closes (TIP: you can use the radio while on the terminal as well)

Switch to cycle between player cameras you can also type their name to go to a specific player including rader boosters (TIP: you can abbreviate the names to Ash or Rea instead of AsherX or Reader aslong as nothing else is close you cound even just type Z. this also works for the store like Pro instead of Pro-flashlights)

Ping [Booster] make the radar booster emit a robot “hello” sound which is audible but not that loud

Flash [Booster] make the radar booster do an imitation flashbang, very useful for giant and many other monsters, will also flash any players looking at it >:)

Scan will show how much money worth of junk is on the moon youre currently on

Door Opening (N6, M7, J4) typing a letter and number will toggle the door you enter or disable a turret or landmine for 3 seconds then a cooldown of 1 second before being able to turn it off again (TIP: some doors will be automatically out of your control, the ground team must turn on the switch in the breaker box to grant you acsses

Sigmund access Sigmunds logs that you find around the map

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