Hunting Tips and Tricks in Carnivores Dinosaur Hunt

If you’re new to hunting and feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. With these 10 simple tips, you can start off on the right foot and enjoy the game to the fullest. While there are advanced techniques you can learn down the line, let’s focus on the basics for now. And don’t worry, even experienced hunters can benefit from brushing up on the fundamentals. So without further ado, here are some tips to get you started on your hunting journey.

Basic Hunting Tips

Customize your settings

  • Before you start hunting, check out the options menu and adjust the settings to your liking. This can include changing the audio levels, turning on or off map rotation and tips, and adjusting the zoom on your optics. Personalizing your settings can help you have a more enjoyable experience.

Learn your M.I.S.T. Device

  • The M.I.S.T. Device is a powerful tool that can give you valuable information about the dinosaurs in your vicinity. The orange eye indicates their ability to see you, while the yellow ear indicates their ability to smell you. The map shows your location, and the compass and wind arrow can help you navigate. Pay attention to the wind arrow, as it can impact how easily you’re detected by dinosaurs.

Track dinosaurs

  • To locate dinosaurs, you can use the radar, follow their footprints, or listen for sounds they make when nearby. Using a combination of these tactics can help you find the largest dinosaurs on each map.

Aim for weak points

  • While you can shoot a dinosaur in various parts of its body, aiming for weak points can confirm the kill and make it easier to take down dangerous dinosaurs. For example, shooting a ceratosaurus in the jaws can be effective, while shooting a tyrannosaurus in the heart may not be an instant kill.

Collect trophies

  • When you take down a dinosaur, you can claim its trophy by walking up to it or retrieving it with the “R” key. Trophies can be displayed in the trophy room.

Stay safe around dangerous dinosaurs

  • When dealing with advanced or expert-rank dinosaurs, it’s important to avoid being seen. If you’re spotted, they may attack you. Sneak up on them and aim for their weak points to take them down safely.

Choose your equipment and upgrades wisely

  • You have 10 equipment pieces and 8 upgrades to choose from. Some equipment pieces are easier to use but cost more trophy points, while others have fewer trophy point costs but may require more skill to use effectively. Upgrades can also enhance your abilities. Experiment to find what works best for you.

Be aware of fog maps

  • Fog maps limit your visibility, making it harder to see dinosaurs beyond 100 meters. These maps offer high-risk and high-reward opportunities.

Accumulate trophy points to unlock new maps

  • As you hunt, you’ll earn trophy points, which can be used to unlock new maps to explore. Keep accumulating points to unlock even more maps until you’ve earned enough to unlock every map in the game.

Practice in the shooting range and display your trophies in the trophy room

  • Use the shooting range to practice your aim and improve your skills. The trophy room is where you can display your hard-earned trophies and show off your hunting prowess.
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