I Won’t Forget Hue – All Hidden Painting Pieces Location Guide

This is a picture guide to finding all the photo fragments needed to unlock the “Completionist” Achievement.

Finding the photo fragments.

A total of 7 photo fragments and finishing the game to unlock the achievement.

None of the lenses need to be worn to see the fragments at any time.

The first fragment is automatically picked up at the start of the game on the workbench.

The next 5 photo fragments can be found after assembling the blue lens, as they are outside the first room.

For the last fragment, you will need to assemble the yellow lens first.

The second fragment is found by leaving the first room, turning right, then a short walk until you find a hall to the right. At the end of the hall is a dresser. Inside the top drawer is the photo fragment.

The third fragment is on the table in the lounge room. You will need to use the blue lens to cross the hall chasm, then stroll along until you find the entrance to the right.

The fourth fragment is in (what I call) the Box Room. Head out of the second opening in the lounge room, turn left, and walk until you are standing in front of a large staircase. The room is off to the left of the staircase. The fragment is on a bookshelf at the back of the room.

Head out of the room, turn left then left again up the hall. Eventually, you will find a door on your left. Inside is a Study, the fifth fragment is off to the left on a bookshelf.

Using your blue lens, head thru the door behind the desk, to your right is a fireplace. The sixth fragment is in the smoke.

You will need to assemble the yellow lens and then open the door across from the workbench room. The 7th and final fragment is to the left as you enter a bookshelf.

I would show you what the pieces look like together, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Good luck and beware of the wandering yellow goblin!

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