Illusion Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

This guide will be showing you how to get all achievements in Illusion.

Illusion Achievements

Jumping Fast
After successfully jumping to the first platform, directly jump to the next platform without opening the overpass.

Simply be fast and jump both gaps with the jump potion with Glen towards the end of Chapter 1.

Drug Control
Successfully defeated the boss without pressure needle.

Don’t use the red potion at the beginning of Chapter 2 with Glen.

Beginning Of The Origin
Find the secret room

Enter the room past the laser corridor in a dark corridor to the right in Chapter 3.

Cute Doll
Find the doll

Pick up the doll from the sewage analysis room.

Chemical Poisoning
Carry dangerous chemicals without wearing protective clothing.

Pick up the Nitric Acid in the Chem lab without wearing a lab coat.

The Mallet
Knock out all the guards in the corridor I without being found

Take out all six guards in the big room in the green tinted area. The last guard that stands against a wall can be taken out from the side.

The Gift?
Check 2 gift boxes at Glen’s house

Open both gifts by the tree after waking up in Glen’s house in Chapter 5.

Find hidden radio

Upstairs in the Japanese style villa in the dream world is a hidden room behind the tool box through the second sliding door from the left.

Sacrifice Oneself To Protect Others
Leave your medical bag with your friends

With the pink furry choose to use the blood packs for the red furry.

The Safe Deposit Box
Find the password of the safe in dreamland Open the safe

Open the safe in the Final Chapter in the room to the top of the orange corridor.

The Simplest Way To Repair
Repair the voltage regulator

Pass the last puzzle area with the red and blue furry and interact with the middle voltage regulator.

Escaped Successfully
Escaped Successfully

Achieve one of the endings other than Underground Sleep Forever.

Underground Sleep Forever
Achieve the ending

Don’t help Amy or let the timer run out at the end.

Partner Sacrificed
Achieve the ending

Don’t help the red furry.

Save The Partner
Achieve the ending

Help the red furry, but don’t get the hidden Med Kit.

Happy Reunion
Achieve the ending

Help the red furry and get the hidden Med Kit.

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