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In Time For Lunch Achievement – Loop Hero

In time for lunch
Defeat the boss in the first expedition

How to Unlock In time for lunch Achievement

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The game has a lot of random so it may require a couple of runs to get an achievement. First I recommend learning some basic game mechanics: how to stop your character on a cell you need, how cards and items rotate, how to summon a boss.


  1. At first collect items with regeneration. You need them to keep your hp at max while you’re filling the map to summon Lich. 2.5-3 regen will be enough if you won’t build too many enemy camps and won’t go over the 9th loop.
  2. Later try to get some items with Evasion without sacrificing regeneration too much. It’s the best stat versus Lich. At first, you can get one item with 10-15% evasion and it will be enough. Later try to get more (still without sacrificing regeneration too much). Before boss, you need at least 25-30%.
  3. When you see that you are close to summoning Lich start looking for evasion items but don’t put them on. You better keep items with regeneration on you because they will help you keep your hp high. You always can stop in the cell before the boss and put on all your evasion items.
  4. After evasion best stats for the boss fight are: damage and regen. Other stats won’t affect the boss fight much.


In short, you need to fill every cell around your camp in 9×9 square. And put a minimal number of monster camps – enough to ger cards and gear and that’s it.

  1. With each loop Lich becomes stronger so. So you need to reach the boss as fast as possible.
  2. Remove from starter deck cards: Treasury (this run is about achievement, not resources), Beacon (you don’t need more speed), Vampire Manson (somehow I had the best result without it).
  3. When Lich appears it appears in your camp and builds around it 9×9 parts of the temple. Each part of the temple increases Lich strength by 5%. To prevent temple parts from appearing those cell must be filled with something. I recommend putting Grove on-road and Spider Cocoon, Road Lantern around it. Also, you can use Oblivion to remove temple parts.
  4. Put the Battlefield at the start of your road – after your camp. It allows you get the nice item at the start of every loop.
  5. Don’t use too many monster cards on other parts of the road. Otherwise, you’ll start losing health and won’t be able to beat the boss. Do not put too many monster camps together. Mixed monsters can create problems. Exception – if you put it near Road Lantern.
  6. Put Rocks and Mountains in 9×9 square to create Mountain Peak – it will give you a lot of health.
  7. Keep putting together Rocks and Mountains to get as max health as you can. Near with them put Meadows to make them bloom. Blooming Meadow restores more hp.
  8. Every 10 placed Rocks and Mountains create Goblin Camp. Use Oblivion to remove it.
  9. Avoid placing too many Cemeteries. Skeletons hit you VERY hard. If you’ll fight 3 skeletons or more you will regret it.
  10. Keep monster camp cards for the last loop. Once you’ll need only 5-10 cards for summoning Lich, stop on the last cell before your camp and use cards somewhere. You’ll summon Lich instantly. If you didn’t fill 9×9 around your camp yet, it’s the right time to do it.
Guide by Deadbus.

Defeat the boss in the first expedition. You need to know the basic mechanics of the game to do this. It’s not too hard, I got it on my second try. The advice I can give you is to fill the camp tile zone with other tiles so you get less amount of Lich’s palaces to spawn.

Also, get a bunch of vampirism and regeneration, as well as a bunch of meadows, to get as much healing as you can (you won’t have potions or villages to heal this time, and your camp’s healing won’t be too good).

Guide by Gin.

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