Little Man Has a Day Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide will be showing you how to get all achievements in Little Man Has a Day.

Little Man Has a Day Achievements Walkthrough

Wake up and press J (Journal). Leave the house (left bottom corner has a door).

Speak with dog.

Don’t pet him

Pick up item from the mail box. Go right twice, you will see broken bridge. Go down. Take the planks near tree. Go up and fix the bridge.

Go right. Speak with Alex. She will ask for water bottle.

Go down and talk to sheep.

There are sheep in this game

Go up, then left 2 screens and take the water bottle.

Go right twice, speak with Alex.

Give Alex her water bottle

Approach Cracked mirror above Alex’s house. Go right and speak with Doug.

Go left, down and right. Enter the house. Talk with Tim, use TV, leave the house, talk with him again.

Say goodnight to your friend

Go up, left. Talk with Doug again.

He is just Doug

Go to the screen with sheeps and go left to catch Robert. If he is on another side, leave the screen and go back. Eventualy he will be on your side. Talk with Robert.

Catch the culprit!

Return home and sleep for the remaining achievements.

Little Man
A day has been had

A full journal

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