Trials of Mana

Infamous Hacker Released Trials of Mana Crack for Windows PC

After almost 2 months of being available on PC, the infamous group of hacker known as CODEX has successfully cracked the Trials of Mana by Square Enix.

It’s actually not surprising to see the cracked version of the game on PC. Knowing that it is available on Steam and the platform is one of the most targetted and vulnerable DRM protection, many warez groups have been flocking on the platform.

Valve is currently using Steam’s DRM protection to protect the games that are being released on the distribution platform. However, it seems that video game hackers are always one step ahead of them as the newly released games are easily being cracked.

Previously, Team CODEX has also cracked popular video games on Steam such as the NBA 2K series, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and more. According to CrackWatch, a website tracking the video game cracks, it takes 45 days before the Trials of Mana crack has been released.

Video game piracy is one of the problems that many developers have been facing right now. Despite all the efforts that their development and security team implements on their game, warez group such as CODEX are still able to exploit it.

While Trials of Mana has already been cracked, we highly recommend grabbing the game from the official distributor. This will not only help the video game developers and publishers but also help to maintain the gaming community clean and secured. We, at Game N Guides, do not support any kind of piracy and this post was created for educational purposes only.

Make sure to support Square Enix by getting Trials of Mana on Steam.

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