iRacing 2020 Season 2 Patch 8 Is Out, Car Balancing and Stability

Developer and publisher iRacing has rolled out the newest update for iRacing 2020 Season 2. The new update was released on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, aiming to address known game bugs and other issues.

Apart from fixing the issues in the game, the new patch also makes some minor changes in vehicles and simulations. Ford GT – 2017, Ford GT GTE, Global Mazda MX-5 Cup, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991), and Mazda MX-5 Cup & Roadster – 2010 has received a minor update. Two tracks also received some changes as part of the preparation for the current season. To know more about the update, you can check the detailed changelog below.

iRacing 2020 Season 2 Patch 8 Patch Notes



  • The iRacing Installer has been updated.
  • This fixes a couple of bugs that could degrade a new user’s installation experience.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Simulator to get into a bad state if you connected to a Session using an IPv6 connection and then were forcibly disconnected (either due to a connection issue, or because the Session ended and the race server intentionally disconnected you).

Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny

  • The Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny System has been re-enabled!
  • A new system is now available to run during Qualifying Sessions to help prevent unrealistic preparation exploits. Generally speaking, the officials expect a driver to pull out under control, get up to speed relatively quickly, and complete their qualifying laps in a timely and controlled manner. In an Open Qualifying Session, some accommodations for slowing are made based on proximity to other racers.
  • The Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny system first applies a furled Black Flag as a warning to drivers who have not been compliant with the expectations. If the behavior continues, a Black Flag will be issued and the driver will be disqualified from the Qualifying Session.
    • A furled Black Flag warning will be reset when leaving the car, resetting it to the pits, or completing the current lap. However, this does not clear the warning – a second violation will trigger a disqualification from the Qualifying Session.
  • There are several levels of strictness available for the Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny system. The more strictly the system is being administered, the less leeway is granted to the racers before warnings and penalties are issued.
    • The levels of Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny available are: Off, Permissive, Lenient, Moderate, Strict, and Severe.
    • The strictness level of Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny is customizable for User-Created Sessions from both the iRacing BETA UI and the Classic Member site.
    • For official sessions, this feature will initially only be applied to select high-level Series.
  • Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny is only available for use and is only applied for Qualifying sessions at asphalt tracks. There is no effect on tracks partially or completely composed of dirt racing surfaces.
  • Qualifying Conduct Scrutiny information for an event is visible in the Simulator in the Info tab under “RACE STATUS”. This also includes loaded Replays.
  • The admin command: “!clear #” may be used to remove a Qualification Conduct Scrutiny disqualification Black Flag.


Ford GT – 2017

  • 2020 Season 2 Balance of Power Adjustment: Aero drag has been increased slightly.


  • Gearshift compressor volume has been decreased slightly.

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

  • Improved audio levels for gears and starter/ignition sounds.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (991)

  • On-board transmission whine sounds have been improved.

[Legacy] Mazda MX-5 Cup & Roadster – 2010

  • (ALL) – Improved audio levels for starter/ignition sounds.


Martinsville Speedway

  • SAFER barriers have been added to this track.
  • Night lighting is now available at this track!
  • Track lighting has been updated.
  • Placement of the east grandstand has been updated.
  • Some curb textures have been updated.
  • Some advertisements and banners have been updated.
  • A new loading screen background has been added.

Road America

  • Track and terrain surface textures have been updated.
  • Some advertisements have been updated.

iRacing is available on Windows PC via Steam.

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