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Is Fall Guys Coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch?

Undoubtedly, the newest video game developed by Mediatonic is one of the hottest games right now. Well, who can’t resist the fun and excitement that Fall Guys has been giving. Currently, Fall Guys is only available on Windows PC and PlayStation 4. Given that many players are hooked with the game, many are asking if it will be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Fall Guys was launched on both platforms on August 4th. Since its release, it managed to beat some of the charts on Steam such as the concurrent users. With the popularity of the game, let’s check out the possibilities of the available of Fall Guys on other platforms.

Will it be coming to Xbox One and Switch?

As of writing, developer Mediatonic hasn’t announced any development or porting progress of Fall Guys for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. However, the developer is not closing the doors for these platforms.

According to the Fall Guys’ official FAQ page, they would love to bring Fall Guys on to other platforms, but as of this moment, there is still no development in progress.

Meanwhile, the Fall Guys official Twitter page has announced there is no mobile version of Fall Guys. This sudden news was due to the trending rumors about a mobile port of the game. A video of a guy showcasing Fall Guys mobile was seen on YouTube, gather thousands of views. Fall Guys clarified that these are scams.

If the day comes that Fall Guys finally make its way to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, will you be downloading and play the game?

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