Isonzo Beginner’s Marksman Class Guide

Are you ready to become the unseen guardian of the battlefield? The Marksman in Isonzo isn’t just a role; it’s a precision instrument of destruction. In this guide, I’ll equip you with the knowledge and skills to make every shot count. Whether you’re new to the Marksman role or a seasoned sniper, get ready to dominate the trenches and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Introduction to the role

The Marksman in Isonzo is a highly specialized role designed to pick off enemies from a distance and disrupt the enemy team’s advances. A skilled Marksman can tip the scales in favor of their team by controlling key areas, eliminating high-priority targets, and ensuring that their team operates with the necessary cover to secure victory.


Using the right loadout can be very effective in battle and can you benefit you heavily. If possible, you should always be using Bolt-Action rifles with scopes, such as the M95 or the 1891 Carcano rifle. Iron sights are very good too, but be aware that taking long shots are going to be a bit difficult and would take more accuracy to take them out.

Secondaries are up to personal preference, you won’t be using them a lot unless you are stuck in a trench fight with the enemy. I use the Frommer Stop for the Austrian side and the Glisenti for the Italian side. Reminder that revolvers take a lot of time to reload, but are extremely effective with their stopping power, which in some cases can one shot the enemy.

Role perks

We will be going over every Role perk for the Marksman class, and in the end I’ll give out my own opinion on what works the best for me.

1. The Scout perk is pretty self-explanatory. This perk gives you the ability to bolt and reload your rifle faster than usual, this can be extremely helpful during trench fighting or if you want to take out the enemy as fast as you can.

2. The Sentry perk allows you take less damage from explosions and suppressions from the enemy, if you find yourself in a bad situation with let’s say artillery or enemy fire you can take less damage and leave the area.

3. The Stalker perk gives you the ability to be faster while crouching or proning, this basically makes you unspottable, which gives you the benefit of changing positions in the map or even ambushing enemy spawn.

4. The Specialist perk increases your potential accuracy by removing weapon sway when crouched or proning, this can give you better chances of killing enemies, this perk is very helpful and it really will not disappoint you.

5. And finally, the last perk, the Elite Marksman, my personal favourite. This perk gives you 2x more breath time than usual, this means that you can take out a lot of enemies in one breath and it has unlimited uses. This is by far the best perk for the Marksman, although, it’s personal preference.

Marksman tips

Alright, folks, I’ve got some handy tips to up your game as a Marksman.

1. Positioning
Marksman relies on good positioning. Find elevated spots with a clear line of sight to potential enemy routes. Stay well-hidden and avoid drawing attention to yourself.

2. Patience and Accuracy
Being a Marksman means waiting for the right shot. Don’t rush; instead, aim for headshots for maximum damage. One well-placed shot can make a significant difference.

3. Ammo Conservation
Ammo is limited, so use it wisely. Aim carefully and make every shot count. Work with your squad’s support roles to ensure a steady resupply of ammunition.

4. Target Prioritization
Prioritize targets based on the threat they pose. Enemy officers and machine gunners should be your primary targets, followed by snipers and any exposed infantry.

5. Movement and Concealment
Just like the first tip, stay mobile to avoid counter-sniping. Change positions frequently, and use the environment for cover. Always stay aware of your surroundings.

6. Team support
While your primary role is sniping, be ready to defend yourself and your team when the enemy closes in.

7. Stay Alive
Your survival is crucial. You can’t support your team if you’re constantly respawning. Play cautiously, and retreat if the situation becomes too risky.


The Marksman role in Isonzo is all about precision, patience, and teamwork. By using these tips and adapting to the needs of your squad, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield, helping your team secure victory on the trenches in Isonzo. Good luck and happy sniping!

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