It’s a Wrap! Achievements Walkthrough

This guide will be showing you how to get all achievements in It’s a Wrap!

Progression-Based Achievements

There are 4 progress based achievements, for completing each of the 3 films + a 4th for completing all 3. These are the 4 achievements with the word “Finish” at the start of them.

The Fun Ones

The remaining 10 achievements require you to do something more:

Under the Bridge – On the 1st level of the 1st film, fall off the bridge. You’re unlikely to miss this achievement because of the in-game tutorial.

What’s My Line Again? – 1st film, scene 5, go right a tiny bit and into the little alcove. Wait for the tank to pass over you, then jump up and left, and run all the way up and left to the secret room at the top of the mountain.

O Captain! My Captain! – 1st film, scene 6, go all the way to the left into the secret Captain’s quarters. You’ll want to have waves first, and then Waves Right a bit after, to move the left-side boxes out of the way… jump over those and keep going left.

Secret of the Mines – 1st film, scene 7, move the boulder to the very start, and then start the level. Hop in the mine cart, and you’ll fall through a gap and into a secret below-ground area.

Extra Life – 1st film, scene 8, run all the way to the right. Secret room is off-screen in the upper right corner.

Who’s Gonna Pay For That? – 3rd film, scene 0. In the tutorial level with the gun, grab ammo and then go back left and shoot the wood door, and enter the prop graveyard.

Unboxing Video – Also on 3rd film, scene 0. Destroy all of the boxes on the gun tutorial level. None are hidden.

Meet Your Makers – 3rd film, scene 3. Move elevator 3 up. Get into elevator 2 and ride it up 2 floors. Shoot the guard on your right, and then run right and jump into the area under elevator 3. You’ll fall down into a hidden office.

Budget Killer – 3rd film, scene 4. This is a car chase sequence. Mash the TAB button for a while, until you get through 50 takes. Not sure if this can be earned on any level by reaching 50 takes or not… but this scene specifically talks about not breaking the budget, so this is where I (correctly) assumed the achievement would be.

Mise-en-scenester – Find all of the above secret rooms, and this should award at the same time as the final one you find.

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