IXION Controls and Shortcuts Guide for PC

This page offers the complete list of IXION controls and keyboard shortcuts. IXION is a survival city-builder game developed by Bulwark Studios. As of the moment, the game is only available on Windows PC via Steam.

IXION Controls

The following are the default IXION key bindings. These default controls can be changed and remapped by going to Settings > Key Bindings tab. Make sure that you hit the “Apply Settings” button to save all the changes that you have made.

Construction ModeC
Power Grid ViewTab
Building RotationR
Pan Camera BackwardS
Pan Camera LeftA
Pan Camera ForwardW
Pan Camera RightD
Rotate Camera LeftQ
Rotate Camera RightE
Zoom Camera InPage Up
Zoom Camera OutPage Down
Reset CameraHome
Interior ViewF1
Exterior ViewF2
Planetary System MapF3
Tech TreeF4
Decrease Time SpeedNumpad –
Increase Time SpeedNumpad +
Toggle PauseSpacebar
Normal Time Speed1
Fast Time Speed2
Very Fast Time Speed3
Sector Overlay (Exterior View)Left Alt
Toggle User Interface (Hold Ctrl)U
Toggle NotificationsF
IXION Controls

This concludes our IXION controls guide. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions to improve this guide.