Key To Heaven – Complete Adventure Quest Guide

This guide will be covering the details on how you can complete all quests available in Key To Heaven. If you’re one of the players trying to beat the game, this one is for you.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

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Adventure Quest Part 1

Go north of the temple/altar in Mirovia (First town). Into the trees and find the hidden entrance into the well.

Adventure Quest Part 2

Once you enter the well you will need to grab the key, the key unlocks the white house to the left. Also, loot the chest. Make your way to the left to the white house and enter.

Once inside the house, make sure you grab the scroll off the table. Also, loot the chests.

You will now need to find the entrance to the hidden prison, which is underneath the castle in town. Building to the right of the temple. Look for the missing brick on the castle and walk into it.

Adventure Quest Part 3

Once in the prison you will need to read the scroll and find the hidden gem, the gem is hidden just north of the scroll. Also, loot the chest for a free random item.

You will now need to find the hidden entrance in a cave, luckily for you, you have this guide. The Waterfall Cave near the goblins is the correct cave and the secret entrance is near the beginning in an enclosed room. Walk to the right and follow the hidden path to grab a Shovel. Loot the chest as well.

Adventure Quest Part 4

Now that you have the Shovel go back to the well to the north of the Temple and walk into the dirt wall you will dig up another gem.

Adventure Quest Part 5

Once you have dug up the gem you must now find a tree that has hidden treasure in it. The tree is located one map east of the locked Goblin houses. Walk into trees until you find the right one. You do not need to chop down any trees.

From this point onwards you need to be level 15+.

Adventure Quest Part 6

Head towards the 2nd region and find the cave in the grassy area, it should not be hard to find. You may want to bring a torch with you. (Optional)

Once you enter the cave head north and enter the basement.

Once in the basement walk to the end and walk into the left-hand side of the wardrobe. Be careful of the Black Widow.

Adventure Quest Part 7

Now things start to get complicated. First, you need boots of lava. You can obtain them from the 1st region in the desert. They are atop the Skeleton Castle.

Once you enter the castle head left then run north, you will come to a wall with a large shield, the secret entrance is there.

Once you have the Boot of Lava, make your way back to Region 2 and head towards the snowy areas to the north. Once there, you will find some stones in a circle, walk into them and enter the secret entrance. Because we already have the Boots of lava we can cross just by walking over.

Adventure Quest Part 8

Once you need to find the symbol on the wall, go to Town in Region 2 and enter the castle walls.

Run to the end and walk into the white triangle symbols on the wall.

Adventure Quest Part 9

The architect is located on a peninsula south of the skeleton castle, where you obtained the boots of lava. The clue is found by walking into the scroll hanging on the wall.

Adventure Quest Part 10

The altar mentioned in part 9 is located in region 1’s desert beneath a trapdoor. Enter the trapdoor and go all the way down as far as you can. You may want to bring a torch.

Step onto the pedestal to grab a key.

Adventure Quest Part 11

The location this key unlocks is the captain’s quarters on the travel get to the travel boat, you can take the boat from any town to go to Mirovia (Region 1) and then walk into the boat person to enter.

Adventure Quest Part 12

Once inside the room, after you talk to the captain he will ask you to find a pirate map. It is located on the shore inside of town 2.

Return to the Captain to give him the map and you will receive another key.

Adventure Quest Part 13

The captain will give you another key, this key unlocks the basement to the staff shop in town 1, located by the rat training cave. Be careful as there is a miniboss within. You also may need a torch.

Walk into the book on the pedestal after you defeat the miniboss and you will now have access to the Caverns. It is very dangerous there so be very careful.

And that’s how you can complete the quests in Key to Heaven. We would like to thank Lessgently for this Key To Heaven guide.

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