Kitten Burst Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A guide to every achievement

Story Achievements

You’ll get the achievements simply by playing through the game

You probably already have all of these if you’re reading this


Pwn GuardDog Antivirus


Pwn CopyCat

In the Forests of the Night

Complete Part A:/


Pwn DelTree


Pwn DogRipManager

There Is No Spork.

Pwn T3h

Fearful Symmetry

Complete Part B:/


Pwn Shiver


Pwn Cerberus

Ending Acheivments

Make sure to play through the ending twice to get both of these


Merge the physical and æther planes


Separate the physical and æther planes

Collectable Acheivments


Power up to level 8


Power up to level 20


Power up to level 15

You’ll likely be around level 20 by the end of the game but if you aren’t you can use the atlas in The Eternal September’s cockpit to replay levels for more energy


Find 20 keys throughout cyberspace

For this one you’ll need to find 20 keys in the levels. You can refer to this guide to find the ones you need.

Silly Hats Only

Unlock 10 Hats


Collect all Hats, Patterns, & Palettes

If you got the previous achievements you’ll have enough keys to get these ones

Secret Achievements

Do a Barrel Roll!

Do a Barrel Roll!

Double tap either roll button and Hapi will speen

Cinematic Mode

Play at 4:3 resolution with the “Low” quality setting

Simply go into the settings and change the graphics quality and resolution to the lowest options


Capture the Orb

In FireFray push either orb from it’s base to the other base


Convince T3h to join the crew

To get this achievement you need to interact with the SadPenguin exhibit in DigiGal and the boogiebaby in Planet eClips, making sure to exhaust all dialogue on both. Afterwards talk to T3h in Planet eClips and you will get the achievement.


Collect all 6 webtoys and admire them in the FAQ

To get this achievement you need to interact with all six webtoys, they can be found in

Nullspace Castle



Club BasilRips

Planet eClips

and The Lost Loch

After using them all go to the FAQ on The Eternal September and interact with them all again there to get the achievement

Boss Achievements

After completing Platform, go into various different levels and fly out into the distance to meet the Ceiling Cat. After seeing them in enough different levels they will give you a quest to complete 4 laps on every endless boss to unlock a new one (and don’t forget to use the vapor ability during bosses)

Chaos Controlled

Survive 4 Laps Against the Chaos Butterfly

The Dolphin Prince

Survive 4 Laps Against TrustMe

Oculus Astralis

Survive 4 Laps Against Cosmo the Scolar

(Zer)o (Da)y

Pwn ???

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