Knight Crawlers

Knight Crawlers Controls and Shortcuts Guide

Knight Crawlers is an action-RPG video game developed by Good Morning Games. In the game, you will be doing a lot of action and fighting, and every action can only be performed by clicking or pressing certain keys. If you are a new player who is unfamiliar with the game controls, this guide will show you the complete list of Knight Crawlers controls.

Knight Crawlers Controls

The following are the default Knight Crawlers key bindings. You can change and remap these default controls in the settings section of the game.

MovementW A S D
Melee AttackQ
Spawn EnemyY
Extract EssenseF
First AbilityH
Second AbilityJ
Third AbilityK
Fourth AbilityL
Navigate UIArrow Keys / WASD
Use ArtifactP
Knight Crawlers Controls

Apart from the keyboard support, the developer of the game has also confirmed that you can use a gamepad controller to play Knight Crawlers. The game already has default controls assigned for the PlayStation and Xbox controllers. However, you can also use any generic controller to play the game without any issue.

Here are the default controller bindings for the game:

This concludes our Knight Crawlers controls guide. In case we missed any important key controls of the game, please don’t hesitate to let us know so we can update this page.