Knights of Honor II Sovereign Controls Guide for PC

Looking for the complete Knights of Honor II: Sovereign controls? In this guide, we will be showing you the full list of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign keyboard controls and shortcuts. Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a medieval RTS video game developed by Black Sea Games. Publisher THQ Nordic officially launched the game on PC via Steam on December 7, 2022. As of the moment, the game is only available on Windows PC.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Controls

The following are the default Knights of Honor II: Sovereign key bindings. You can change these default keyboard controls by going to Settings > Controls tab. Make sure that you click the “Apply Changes” button after you modify the key bindings.

Toggle UIU
Toggle NameplatesN
Pause GameP
Increase SpeedNumpad +
Decrease SpeedNumpad –
Cycle Between Armies/TownsTab
Cycle Backward Between Armies/TownsLeft Ctrl + Tab
Toggle AudioM
Decrease VolumeLeft Ctrl + ,
Increase VolumeLeft Ctrl + .
Toggle Voices
Toggle Music
Toggle Ambience
Toggle Sound Effects
Mark TargetG
Deploy/Pack TrebuchetE
Stop MovingT
Hold FireF
Preserve FormationH
Shrink RanksZ
Regular RanksX
Widen RanksC
Triangle FormationV
Square FormationB
Reveal Army Selections/Travel PathsQ
Rotate Left]
Rotate Right[
Kingdoms ViewLeft Shift + A
Stance ViewLeft Shift + S
Marriages ViewLeft Shift + F
Relations ViewLeft Shift + D
Stability ViewLeft Shift + G
Trade Zones ViewLeft Shift + H
Religion ViewLeft Shift + Z
Cultures ViewLeft Shift + X
Loyalty ViewLeft Shift + C
Province Features ViewLeft Shift + V
Goods ViewLeft Shift + B
Buildings ViewLeft Shift + N
Toggle Province / Kingdom Selection\
Focus SelectionSpacebar
Focus Governed ProvinceHome
Focus on DestinationEnd
Move UpW
Move DownS
Move LeftA
Move RightD
Province OverviewLeft Shift + Q
Great Powers and RankingsLeft Shift + W
Royal Family and Traditions Left Shift + E
Royal LibraryLeft Shift + R
Kingdom AdvantagesLeft Shift + T
Friends, Threats and WarsLeft Shift + Y
Toggle Score PanelBackspace
Toggle ChatEnter
Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Controls

This concludes our Knights of Honor II: Sovereign controls guide. In case you have any concerns or suggestions to improve this guide, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Good luck!