Krut: The Mythic Wings Trophies and Achievements Guide

Blowfish Studios has finally released the Thai CG animated film-inspired video game, Krut: The Mythic Wings. The game follows the story and adventure of Krut, a Garuda warrior, as he fights the Ogres that invaded the land of the Garuda race.

Krut: The Mythic Wings is available on PC and consoles, which means that both platform players will be getting several trophies and achievements to obtain. There are a total of 18 trophies that you can obtain if you’re playing the game on PlayStation. However, PC and Xbox players only have 17 achievements to obtain.

To get all trophies and achievements, an average of one and a half hours is needed. Of course, this highly depends on your play style and game difficutly.

Krut: The Mythic Wings Trophies

  • The Mythic Wings
    Unlocked all trophies
  • Legendary Hero
    Finish the game without using a continue on normal or hard difficulty
  • Ultimate Warrior
    Finish the game in hard difficulty
  • The Savior
    Finish the game in normal difficulty
  • The Liberator
    Finish the game in easy Difficulty
  • Giant Killer
    Finish stage 6
  • Peace Maker
    Finish stage 5
  • Sea Serpent Slayer
    Finish stage 4
  • Brotherhood
    Finish stage 3
  • Beast Tamer
    Finish stage 2
  • Soul of Warrior
    Finish stage 1
  • Heart of the Stone
    Beat stage 6 mini boss
  • Heart of the Sky
    Beat stage 5 mini boss
  • Heart of the Storm
    Beat stage 4 mini boss
  • Heart of the Mountain
    Beat stage 3 mini boss
  • Heart of the Wood
    Beat stage 2 mini boss
  • Heart of the Sea
    Beat stage 1 mini boss
  • Adventurer
    Kill 3 enemies

As you can see, all of the trophies/achievements in the game are pretty self-explanatory. There are no item collectible-related trophies or achievements. Good luck!

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