Last Oasis

Last Oasis Update 1.3.30923 Released, Crashing Issues Fixed!

Developer Donkey Crew has rolled the newest Last Oasis update 1.3.30923 for Windows PC to address some of the issues that have been reported in the game. Players can now download this update to enhance the overall gameplay in the Last Oasis video game.

Previously, the developer has also dropped a minor update to fix the common issues that players have been experiencing. But since the last update, it seems that there are still lots of bugs and glitches that have been appearing in-game. With the release of this update, it is expected that these issues will be fixed.

Feel free to check the detailed release notes if this new update below. Also, don’t forget to tell us if you’re still having the concern.

Last Oasis Update 1.3.30923 Patch Notes

  • Increased probability of getting modules from volcanic lootsites.
  • Increased firebolt health.
  • Fixed various client crashes.
  • Fixed some cases of getting stuck in walkers.
  • Fixed protection bubble being too small in some cases.