Mr.Mine Update 0.05 Patch Notes

Developer Austin Oblouk has released the newest update for Mr.Mine on PC. The new update carries version 0.05, which addressed some of the known bugs and issues in the game.

The new Mr.Mine update 0.05 also adds new contents in the game such as new bosses and drills. If you want to learn more about this update, please check the detailed patch notes below.


Mr.Mine Update 0.05 Patch Notes

  • Added 3 bosses to levels 400, 500, and 600.
  • Added 12 new drill upgrades.
  • Moved scientists unlock to zone 60 instead of zone 75.
  • Reduced excavation time for scientists significantly.
  • Added an arrow to help people find the golem after a period of time.
  • The whole level now glows if a chest is found or a miner is attacked.
  • Chests will display on the scroll bar now with Metal Detector lvl 2+.
  • Added a way to sell minerals other than a specified amount to keep with Manager lvl 1+.
  • Sell all is now unlocked by default.
  • Added a code redemption system for giving out rewards! (ND8KABA488E5T)
  • Added a tooltip to see when capacity will be full.
  • Added 2 new achievements.
  • Added few new scientist excavation rewards.
  • Updated German translations.
  • Lots of bug fixes and balance adjustments.


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