Lazaret Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


Lazaret is a psychological horror walking simulator featuring 9 Steam achievements.

This guide is currently work in progress. Any help is highly appreciated! Missing:

  • 2 Hidden Obols


Soft Landing
Survived the fall from the engineering decks

Going Up?
Found a way up from the cargo hold

The Mechanic
Acquired the replacement part for the water pump

A Close Call
Survived the service deck

From the Depths
Found a way up to the superstructure

A Way Out
Released the lockdown on the ship

Complete the game


Collect all the notes

Paying the Toll
Find all of the hidden Obols

There are 7 hidden Obols and 41 notes scattered throughout the game, all chronologically listed in the sections below. All notes and hidden Obols must be collected in one playthrough.

Engineering Decks

Note – Dr. Hayes – Dr. Alfred Hayes’ Disappearance

In the first Storage Room (with the briefcase):

Note – Misc. – Communications Equipment

In the Workshop:

Note – Misc. – Lockdown

In the room with the Stairwell Key:

Hidden Obol #1

In the room with the Stairwell Key, immediately after the previous note:

Note – The Passenger – Mysterious Passenger

In the Stairwell:

Note – Misc. – Whistling Statues

In the barricaded room in the Workshop (accessible after finding the Crowbar):

Hidden Obol #2

In the back of the second Storage Room (with the safe), accessible after obtaining the Flashlight:

Note – Misc. – Marked

In the room with the first enemy (story event):

Note – The Passenger – Erin Hayes

In the room with the Moon Sigil and the Projector Slides, accessible after finding the Screwdriver:

Cargo Hold

Note – The Incident – Unusual Fog

In the room above Cargo Hold 1, before entering the vents:

Note – The Passenger – Strange Contraptions

In the room with the colored four-symbol lock, after leaving the vents:

Note – The Incident – Main Deck Access Limited

In the room that needs to be passed to find the Valve Handle:

Note – The Incident – Engine Failure

In the room with the water pump and the Security Room Key:

Note – The Incident – Mysterious Cargo

In the Security Room, next to the Shipping Manifest:

Note – Misc. – A Way Out

In the container, after finding the Shipping Manifest:

Service Tunnels

Note – The Incident – Dead in the Water

Between the elevator and the room with the Cargo Hold Door Controls:

Note – The Incident – A Chance at Rescue

In the Security Storage Room:

Note – The Incident – Strange Sounds

In the room with the Replacement Pump Part:

Note – Dr. Hayes – The Package

In the Utility Corridor:

Hidden Obol #3:

Behind the second hatch:

Note – Sickness – Chest Pains

In the room with the Hidden Obol #3:

Note – Dr. Hayes – Secured Passage

Shortly after climbing through the third hatch:

Service Deck

Note – Misc. – Flare Safety

After leaving the freight elevator:

Note – Misc. – Service Deck Generator

After leaving the freight elevator:

Note – Survivors – Refuge

In the generator room:

Note – Misc. – Stay out of the boild room

In the records room (pinned note):

Note – Survivors – Ventilation

At the end of the dark corridor, near the ventilation room:

Note – Survivors – Lone Survivor

Behind the ventilator, in the room with the Water Pump Controls:

Note – Survivors – Not Alone

Between the sinks in the toilets (near the records room):

Hidden Obol #4

In the flooded corridor on the lower floor, underwater:

Cargo Hold 2

Note – Misc. – Escape from the Superstructure

In the Examination Room, near the Light Bulb:

Note – Sickness – Mounting Casualties

After crouching through the vent:

Hidden Obol #5:

In a barrel between the elevator and the Machinery Room, accessible after finding the Flashlight:

Note – Sickness – Further Precautions

In the Machinery Room:

Note – Sickness – First Fatalities

In the corridor accessible after watching the video recording:

Note – Apparitions

Next to a sleeping bag, in the hall after the previous note:


Note – Misc. – Bridge Access

On the Bridge door (Nav Deck):

Note – Misc. – Officer’s Table (pinned note)

In the Officer Mess (Deck D):

Note – Misc. – Welcome Aboard! (pinned note)

In Nick Stafford’s room (Deck C):

Note – Misc. – Lost Officer’s Key

In the Shower Room (Deck C)

Note – Misc. – Boxes Sketch (pinned note)

In one of the washing machines in the Laundy Room (Deck C):

Note – Misc. – Security Disk Taken

In the Security Room (Deck A):

Note – Misc. – Crew Manifest (pinned note)

Solve the box puzzle in the Archive Room (Deck A):

Note – Misc. – Morse Code Manual (pinned note)

In the briefcase in the Communications Room (Deck A):

Note – Misc. – Rotary Combination (pinned note)

In the Conference Room (Deck A), after solving the puzzle with the Wooden Statue:

Note – Sickness – Sickness Progression

In the Examination Room (Deck B):

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