Learning Factory Achievement Walkthrough Guide

The description of all achievements in the game and the methods of achieving them.


Most of the game achievements are easy to figure out by their description, but there may be some unclear things. Every achievement can be done without help from any other people/accounts and there are no missable ones.

Too cool for school

Start a new game in Freeplay Mode

Simply choose the Freeplay from the menu.

Hello, world!

Create a scenario

Choose scenario mode and create new scenario.

The invitation

Find an ancient Monument

In the very beginning simply dig up monument with RMB.

Happy cats

Satisfy 10 requests

Simply sell 10 things in any of the shops.

Happiness spreads

Satisfy 100 requests

Sell 100 things in any of the shops.

Happiness for everybody (not free)

Satisfy 10000 requests

Sell 10000 things in any of the shops.

Factory renovation

Maintain 10 non-logistic buildings at once

You need to simultaneously have 10 buildings not from the first category.

Factory expansion

Maintain 50 non-logistic buildings at once

Produce 50 buildings not from the logistics tab and place them on the map.

Just what the Doctor ordered

Complete a request from Dr. Katz

In the upper left there is a requests tab. Complete any of them.

The Stakhanovets

Complete 256 requests

Complete 256 requests. It may take a while.

New and Trending

Have at least 100 cats visited you after a tip from a friend

Sometimes when you satisfy a cat’s request he invites a friend. When it happens 100 times, you get the achievement.

The Great Catsby

Have at least 1000 cats visited you after a tip from a friend

Continue playing. And selling.

We need to go deeper

Go under the surface of Mars

Press Tab.

Open Your Mind

Research at least 10 technologies

Simple as that, just research 10 things in the research tab in the monument.

All Work and No Play

Hire a researcher

Hire a scientist in the Dormitory tab.

Dev in the Details

Hire a dev to work for you in-game, too!

Sometimes there are gamedevs among the scientists. Hire one.

Think Tank

Have a scientist upgrade a skill

When a scientist contributes to a research by working in a lab, he gets exp in the skill, corresponding to the research type. Eventually he upgrades that skill.

Another Round!

Upgrade the Tavern

There is an upgrade button in the tavern tab.

The Caternity

Build a Dormitory for at least 10 scientists

Upgrade the dorm, then upgrade it again. And again.

Katz’s Ten

Have 10 researchers in a team

Upgrade the dorm and hire the researchers until you have ten. They don’t need to be assigned to the labs.

Cool Cats Only

Upgrade the Tavern to the Maximum tier

Buy all upgrade levels in the tavern menu, allowing to hire more experienced scientists.

Honorary Doctorate

Hire a scientist who wants a Cat House as part of onboarding bonus

When you have your tavern fully upgraded, sometimes there will be a cat with a cat house as part of the hiring pay. Hire the cat.

Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Felinetropist

Spend at least 10 000 coins on research

Sooner or later the scientists will relieve you from 10000 coins, giving you this achievement. Hire more of them.

Mad Man

Spend at least 10 000 coins on advertising

Build any advertising gates and make money flow!

Economics basics

Achieve a stable income of 2 coins/sec in one Store

Make your factory earn 2 coins a sec. It’s pretty easy to achieve: build a couple of cat gates and several shops and load the shops with different goods.

PhD in Economics

Achieve a stable Factory income of 10 coins/sec

This will be a bit harder. Make sure you have enough gates, your cats are assigned to the right shops and the goods flow can fulfill demands. It helps to sell the more expensive goods like cat houses, batteries and such. If it’s hard for you to maintain lots of item types, you may just build a lot of gates and sort out a bunch of hellbender cats who buy blings, gems and houses. Stock up 4-5 shops and open up!

Toss a coin to your kitten!

Have 1000 Coins on your account

You”ll earn this eventually; at early game scientists will rob you of all your money, but a bit later it will pile up.


Stonks, Stonks!

Save 1’000’000 coins.

The Breadwinner

Have at least 10 cats go up their demand pyramid

When your shop can fulfill every cat’s need in the pyramid (can be seen in the KOTOVOD wiki), new levels unlock. The last level makes the cat return in a new role. Make 10 cats return to your factory.

The Enlightener

Have at least 1000 cats go up their demand pyramid

Satisfy the requests of the cats with all demand pyramid unlocked to get the achievements. It is easy to do if any cat type is delivered to a specific store which has the goods for this cat type.

Haters Gonna Hate

Have at least 1000 cats ignore your Factory due to a friend’s recommendation

If your factory isn’t perfect, you’ll get angry cats from time to time, so it will achieve itself. But if you want it quick, just bring the cats flow to the empty shops.

You Are Legend

For legendary service to the feline community

Legendary cats come to your factory from time to time. Meet one.

Grand Success

Seniors love you

Satisfy the requests of 100 granny cats.

The Coach

Gather the initial data batch for a machine learning model

Plug any price-regulating structure to any shop but Fix Price with an optic cable. It will collect data. When the process ends you’ll get the achievement.

The Guru

Train a machine learning model into stability

Continue gathering data for a machine learning model until you get the achievement.

Are You Ready, Kittens?

Build something in the ocean

Place any building in the ocean.

Local Fella

Purchase a territory on the map

Click on any piece of locked territory and buy it.


Purchase all available territories on the map

As written, you need to buy every locked area.

The Prototype

Build the first prototype of Perfect Cat Model

Research and build a deep neural network.

The 8th Vysotka

Contribute to the General Building Plan

Build a golden statue. It’s unlocked after you upgrade the statue technology.


Terraform a tile

Make any land/water and place it on the map.


Terraform 100 tiles

Continue to transform one sections of the map into other and it’ll pop up.

Around Mars in 21 344 tiles

Travel the distance equivalent to the circumference of Mars (21 344 tiles)

You’ll get this in the process, don’t bother running around.

Exactly As Planned

Place a building upon a Blueprint

You may go to F7 tab, which is blueprints, and place any building blueprint on the ground and then use hotkey J to build it. But a much easier way is drag and place some trees, transporters, etc. until you run out of them and the blueprint will be plzced automatically. Press J to build it.

The Great Plan

Place a Scheme containing 50 Blueprints

The easiest way is to place a cotton plantation from the standart blueprints in blueprint library. The blueprints unlock with the research tree progress, don’t hurry.

A gift from a friend

Import a Blueprint scheme

You don’t actually need a friend (ever). Go into the blueprint library, choose any blueprint, click Details and Export. Then click into Import window, Ctrl+V, Enter, and here it comes.

Life goes on

Plant Turing Tree population that survives 100+ generations

There is a special tutorial about Turing Trees. But if you don’t want to bother, just plant an area with a hundred or two of these trees and it’s very probable some of them will get into cycle.

It’s My Life

Build a structure of Turing trees, generating a mass of other Turing Trees

As in the previous one, you may just plant some trees and wait.

Top Seller

Sell Quality item to a Cat

Load a silver star item into a shop and wait for someone to buy it.


Sell a High Quality item to a Cat

Put a gold star item into a shop and wait for it to sell.

Around the World in 80

Complete a route with a Zeppelin

Make a route in the routes tab, assign two ports and a zeppelin and make sure there are any goods in at least one of the ports. When the zeppelin arrives back, you’ll get the achievement.

Kirov Reporting

Have at least 20 Zeppelins on a route

Build 20 zeppelins and launch them in one route; you may need to wait a bit, the achievement may not be instant.

We Don’t Need Roads

Have a Zeppelin travel a route of at least 20 Docks

Build 20 docks and assign a zeppelin to go through them all. The achievement will not be earned if all ports are empty, the zeppelin must take some cargo from one port to another on his way.

Surface Is the Limit

Unlock Underground Zeppelin

Research the tech in the tech tree.

Fancy pants

Equip a customization item

Enter the looks menu and put something on.

Fashion Icon

Equip customization items in every slot

Buy or unlock something in every slot and dress up. Some categories need to be unlocked in science tree.

Garbage Collector

In space, no one can hear you clean

You need to dismantle 1000 buildings. The ones that you didn’t build also count.

The Way It’s Meant to Be

We know it is really hard to buy a graphic adapter at this time… At least you can make one in the game!

Produce a graphics card.

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Unlock Trading Tier 2 for any Guild

Any trade through the trade port creates some influence which is needed to unlock trading tiers. Or you can just buy tiers in the trade menu.

Best friends forever

Reach maximum Trading Tier for any Guild

As written, you need to raise trade level to 5. Easier to buy than to earn.

The Mice Must Flow

You’re the Master of trade!

This is the achievement you’re here for. You need to transfer 10000 cargo in ONE deal. So basically you need to reach top trade levels, where expensive goods are available, and buy a stack of something. Easiest is to buy zeppelins for wood from UFC. Just pile up 10000 wood and put it into the port.

Ice Cold Clicker

Those cats just went home

Send 100 cats home by clicking on them.


Apply Cat Secret on the Research Tree

Buy a map sector with a Cat knowledge archive. Pick up the secret with a click. Now you can unlock a tech tree branch, locked with a corresponding secret type.

Cats Are In the Endgame Now

Complete an Infinite research project

In the end of the tech tree there are several yellow techs. These are the infinite projects. Research any of them.

To Infinity and Behind the Couch

Reach lvl 20 in any Infinite research project

Research an infinite project until you get sick. And then double the time.

Consumer Basket

Sell 20 items at once to non-legendary cat

It is easier to wait until it pops up accidentally, grandmas buy a lot of yarn balls; another way is to build some testing structures which raise the count of items bought by cats, but they are not as effective as blind luck.

The Promoter

Earn 100+ coins from one store sale

In this achievement luck also works, but advertising is better. Invite hellbender cats by advertising and build testing houses, and you’ll get it.

The Cat Caterer

Satisfy a request from 5+ loyalty cat

This won’t be easy. Cats can raise their loyalty when they buy something from the boutique and when they rest in chillouts. But 2+ is not enough, so you need to get the cat out of the gates with lvl 3 already. It can be done by achieving top levels of demand pyramid, when cats come to your factory again. So: make a good factory, wait for lvl 3 cats, transfer them onto a special line with a loyalty manipulator. There should be a boutique and, if succesful, a 4+ transfer to chillout zones. After that you’ll get your 5 lvl. And yes, infinite project raising loyalty will help a lot.

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