How to Building a Successful Park in Park Beyond

This is a complete and updated guide to making a successful park in Park Beyond. This guide includes many tips that will help your park gain a profit and keep your guests happy. There are many tips in this guide that will help you to get through the campaign.


It can be a challenge to get your first park profitable. There are many subtle things that will make your park flow for the guests and make the park money. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand these things so that you don’t run into a problem that you can’t fix, and so that you can enjoy the game.

This park we are showing in this guide is a sandbox park that was started with $15,000. The only objective was to “Impossify” everything to supplement our funds. This scenario seemed to be a well rounded park that’s strategy could be applied to many if not all of the campaign missions.

Here is a preview of the park we will be creating in this guide:

Park Layout and Guest’s Needs

Before You Start

First things first… I recommend pausing the game while you are placing things especially in the beginning before you have guests. I do this later in the game as well since the guests seem to get confused and lost when there are rides they can’t access or paths leading to nowhere. This is especially important while you are building roller coasters. Hopefully these bugs get worked out over time but for now we have to be careful.

Save your game often! I can’t stress this enough. sometimes the game breaks due to a bug or maybe you just make a mistake… either way make many saves so that you can easily go back if you need to.

The layout of your park is fairly important since your guests will be quite needy. They will need to be happy in many ways or they will not enjoy the rides or possibly not even get on them.

They will need all of these needs fulfilled:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Bathroom
  • Money
  • Cleanliness
  • Energy

Your park will also have three different types of people that you will need to please. They are Families, Teenagers and adults. In the main area of your park I highly recommend that you do not put any rides or shops that any of these groups dislike. As your park develops you can make some side areas that are specifically set up for a certain group. At the beginning of the game it will just cause confusion for your guests.


By default the paths are quite small. The guests seem to get around much better with a wider path. I like to make my main pathways 8-10 on the path scale.

Placing Rides

So when you are placing your rides you need to consider all of these things. I like to space my rides out just enough so that there is room between each ride to place the buildings needed to fulfill all of the guest’s needs. (Ignore the roller coaster for now. we will get into that in the next section.)

Ride Entrance Queue

When you are placing the path for the entrance to your rides it does not need to be very long. I try to make it just long enough for the amount of people that can ride the ride or no more that twice that length. If you make it too long then people will get miserable in line and will be standing in line instead of spending money somewhere else in the park. If you make the Queues to long it will really become a problem as you start getting a lot of guests.

Benches and Trash Cans

As you can see in the images There should be plenty of room to place buildings between the rides. Before we place the shops we should go ahead and put out our benches and trash cans so that there are plenty of places for our guests to sit and throw away their trash. I always put one trash can next to each bench since 2 seems excessive. It is much easier to move a bench or a trash can than to move a shop so that is why I place them first. You actually can’t move a shop currently, you would have to completely destroy it and build a new one so it is pretty important to place them last. You can see here where I have placed them:

Shops and Restrooms

Now we are ready to place our shops and restrooms. Keep in mind that when you place your shops that guest will be lining up to buy things. So, although it my be tempting to put you shop up against the path it will make it hard for them to line up and sometimes it will even bug them out. Place your shops with as much of a path as it will let you and keep in mind that the guests will line up on the right side so try not to put objects like trash cans in their way. I like to put one trash can to the left of every shop on the main path and it seems to work well. as you can see here:

For every food shop that you place I would place a drink shop next door. And for every two drink shops I would place one restroom. This is what seems to work best for me and you can fit all of these buildings between your rides which is why we spaced them out the way that we did.

I don’t tend to mess around with the prices in the shops too much unless there is a mission that requires me too however the restrooms should never be free! I recommend charging at least $0.20 for the restroom even before the park is open. If you don’t you will be sure to loose money on your park overall. For some reason every time you place a new restroom it resets the price of all of them so make sure to link them all and change the price every time(hopefully this gets fixed). I will bring up the restrooms more later in the guide.

Break room and Staff

The last thing you need is a staff and a break room. go ahead and place a break room somewhere in the park. You should only need one for now. I tend to put one near the front gate for no reason in particular.

There is a full section for your staff in this guide but for now just hire one employee for each job any change their pay the the least amount. nothing is broken and nothing is dirty since no one has come into the park yet so we don’t need to waste a bunch of money on staff.

Front Gate Entrance Fee

I tend to start off with the park entrance fee at $1 – $2 when you press play a flood of guest will come straight for the gate so you need to have an entrance fee to start off with your profit. as the guests come in pay attention to what they are saying. the guest opinions are grouped into Families, Teens and Adults based on the rides you have placed so far. If all three groups are saying it’s a bargain than go ahead and raise the price slowly in $0.50 increments. I usually raise it until one groups starts saying “the entrance fee is quite OK” and then stop.

Vending Machines and ATMs

I try not to use vending machines in the beginning because shops are all you need. You will see later where you can put them as your park grows and you are getting more guests. You won’t have vending machines unlocked at the beginning but we will get into this later.

You can easily open the park now but I recommend making a simple transport coaster first as you will see in the next section.

The Secret to a Profitable Rollercoaster

Here is the thing about roller coasters in Park Beyond

I have found that making a fun and complex rollercoaster in this game is a waste of money and does not end up being profitable in most cases. It is more of something cool that you can do once you have excess funds from other parts of your park. The cost of the coaster and the maintenance of it always seem to be more than what people are willing to pay. But you may have noticed in my layout that I made a coaster at the beginning.

All this coaster does is very directly brings guests the other side of the park…

I’m not going to go into building coasters in this guide as the game does a really good job of explaining this and just overall making them intuitive to build. I am however going to show you how to make a profitable Rollercoaster.

The secret to a very profitable rollercoaster

If you want to make a profitable coaster you need to make it a transport coaster with multiple stations. It does not need to be fancy. In fact, the faster you can get the coaster from one station to the next… the more money you will make. Not only will people be willing to ride the coaster multiple times at each station but they will pay more than they normally would for a coaster. This also help disperse the guests around the park. Its an all around win and typically my transport coasters always have a full line. make sure the hooks for the coaster don’t have any dislikes for any group of guests. slowly raise the price until one group of guests find the price to be ok… and then stop.

As your park grows you can make another transport coaster that will make just as much money. I recommend having only 3 stations for each transport coaster and making the coaster as fast and direct as possible. I have had a park with five transport coasters, each having three stations and they collectively pulled in over $12,000 in profit a month. Here is an example of multiple:

This is a huge profit maker for your park and will surely help you get through the campaign as it really helps your income.

Managing Staff

As you probably know there are four different types of staff that you can hire in Park Beyond:

  • Janitors
  • Mechanics
  • Paramedics
  • Entertainers

I like to hire just enough staff as I go along to keep up with the park. I keep all of the staff at the lowest wage simply because it seems to be better to have them spread out and less effective than only having a few very effective staff members that take a long time to get to the problem. This also give you the luxury to increase their wages if a lot of things go wrong at once. Then you can just lower their salaries back down after everything is under control.

I guess I should point out that this would be a terrible thing to do in the real world.


Here is a big tip for the janitors. have at least a quarter of your janitors only picking up trash and puke. This is extremely important because it takes the janitors forever to empty trash cans and also drains them of energy. Having a quarter of the janitors focused only one the paths will increase your park cleanliness a lot.


I think you should have one mechanic for every 3 rides. That is what I have done and if things start breaking down a lot then I will increase their wage until everything is fixed… then bring it back down like a true capitalist pig.


You really don’t need any paramedics at the beginning of the game but as you progress you will. The sole purpose of the paramedics seems to be the medical condition that the game created called newphoria. The campaign explains this briefly… but as you impossify things you will need to make sure you have enough paramedics or people will just start leaving. This is actually pretty easy to overlook and it might take you a while to realize this is what is happening. So try to keep this fresh in your mind. Check the heatmap every once in a while to see if this is something you need to worry about.


I don’t find entertainers to be very useful at all to be honest. I have made several very successful parks with only a few entertainers. you can easily boost guests happiness by impossifying some shops along the main path instead of spending a bunch of money paying entertainers. This is just my experience though. They can be useful if you use the entertainment points however to attract guests to a certain part of your park.

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