Legend Bowl Update 3 Patch Notes

Legend Bowl update 3 has just been deployed by developer Super Pixel Games. The new patch carries a lot of bug fixes causing in-game crashes and some minor adjustments.

Unfortunately, since the previous update, many players have experienced Legend Bowl issues. With today’s update, the developer has assured to address the known issues in the game. Check out the full release notes of the new update below.

Legend Bowl Update 3 Patch Notes

  • Fixed issue with onside conversion play call causing a crash.
  • Wind gusts tuned to always have some type of wind in open stadiums.
  • Referees will try to stay away from ball during kicks and punt returns while the ball is in the air.
  • Blimp now has sound when flying over the field.
  • Defenders angle of attack tuned oh so slightly to be more in front of receiver to make a play.
  • Defender will try to intercept a little bit more… very little so don’t worry.
  • Attempt to fix rare issue we noticed while testing where camera was a little higher upfield on an extra point attempt than it was supposed to be.
  • Player voices shouldn’t play simultaneously any longer.
  • Defender push back animation cleaned up for a snappier look and the player touches the ground on impact now.
  • Lowered volume of referee whistle as we felt it was a bit too loud for our ears.
  • Onside conversion and 2 PT conversion notifications cleaned up a bit and now have a cleaner sound effect and new whistle sound effect.

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