Lethal Company Beginner’s Survival Guide

Staying alive in Lethal Company means you need to survive against all the scary monsters. However intimidating it sounds, mastering their nature and characteristics is doable with practice. They will be split into three categories: Safe, Hostile when provoked, and Hostile.


Roaming Locusts

The roaming locusts are found in swarms on the outside, but they pose no real threat to you and will disperse if you get close.


The Manticoils are birdlike creatures with four wings, they are usually flying in flocks overhead in open areas. They are not aggressive and won’t attack you.


Hoarding Bug

These bugs mirror your actions as they wander facilities collecting loot.

  • To avoid conflict, maintain a safe distance and refrain from stealing their gathered items.
  • In case of an attack, defend yourself with a few hits from a shovel or sign.

Baboon Hawk

Much like Manticoils, Baboon Hawks are winged creatures that wander in groups outdoors. Unlike Manticoils, however, Baboon Hawks become aggressive if approached closely.

  • Generally, they keep to themselves if you maintain a safe distance, but a large group might pose a threat.
  • Beware, as they are considered ‘lethal’ in close encounters.

Spore Lizard

Spore lizards in Lethal Company are harmless creatures found in corridors, aiming to provide a mild scare without posing a significant threat.

  • When encountered, they often stop and stare without taking any aggressive action.
  • If approached too closely, they release a harmless pink mist, momentarily obstructing vision.
  • While they may become aggressive, their attacks are not highly damaging.


Circuit Bee

Found in groups guarding hives. Circuit Bees, commonly found in sizable outdoor groups, are easily avoidable enemies in Lethal Company.

  • While not quick to aggression, they fiercely guard a valuable hive, a sought-after item for selling due to its high value.
  • However, caution is advised when attempting to steal their hive, as they swiftly chase and lethally attack, causing significant damage.
  • Once the hive is pilfered, these bees roam the map indefinitely, adding an extra layer of challenge to your exploration.


Encountering the Hygrodere in Lethal Company reveals a large, slow-moving blob roaming indoor corridors.

  • Upon spotting you, it becomes aggressive, initiating pursuit.
  • Luckily, its sluggish pace allows for easy avoidance, and with a bit of forward momentum, you can even leap over it.
  • Exercise caution in tight spaces to avoid being trapped, as touching the Hygrodere at a dead end may result in instant demise.

Snare Flea

Encountering Snare Fleas in Lethal Company may not pose the greatest threat individually, but they become potentially fatal when alone.

  • Hanging from indoor ceilings, they await a passerby to drop on, wrapping around the neck and initiating suffocation.
  • This not only distorts voice chat but also limits visibility.
  • To escape, travel with a companion wielding a weapon for a quick kill, or opt to run for the exit, causing the Snare Flea to fall off.

Bunker Spider

Bunker Spiders, the massive arachnids in Lethal Company, navigate indoor spaces.

  • Caution is vital, as touching their webs triggers a temporary trap, alerting the spider to your location.
  • Engaging these formidable enemies in combat is discouraged due to their toughness.
  • Running from them requires extra care, as Bunker Spiders possess the ability to open closed doors.


This humanoid creature, adorned with spikes and large, glowing white eyes, lurks indoors, attempting to sneak up on you.

  • To thwart its deadly intentions, direct eye contact is crucial; it gets scared and retreats. However, if cornered and continuously observed, the Bracken turns lethal.
  • Beware, as a Bracken’s kill not only ends a teammate but also drags away their body, preventing item recovery.


The Thumper in Lethal Company has a shark-like head and two long dragging arms, it is an indoor creature. Notably, it lacks hearing abilities, making stealth possible.

  • Once spotted, it charges with incredible speed, delivering a fatal blow upon contact.
  • Evading is achievable by turning corners or, more securely, by leaping onto a railing—out of its reach.
  • For those equipped with a weapon, defending from a railing is viable.


The Coil-Head in Lethal Company resembles a mannequin with a spring-mounted head, akin to a classic weeping angel enemy.

  • With limited combat options, your strategy involves only looking at it and slowly backing away.
  • A single hit from the Coil-Head proves fatal, but it remains immobile when in your direct gaze.

Eyeless Dog

Eyeless Dogs, sizable dog-like monsters in Lethal Company, prowl the outdoors after dark. Exercise extreme caution, as a direct encounter results in instant demise.

  • Leveraging their blindness, they rely on proximity for awareness, affording you time to plan an escape when at a distance.
  • Beware of their tendency to encircle your ship, complicating the crew’s return.
  • Moreover, they can infiltrate the ship if doors are left open.


With three distinct phases, the Jester initially resembles a passive jack-in-the-box.

  • Upon spotting you, it transitions to chasing mode, temporarily pausing before entering its second phase of stationary winding.
  • During this phase, escaping the building is advised.
  • As it progresses to the third phase, a giant skull emerges, accelerating as time passes, relentlessly pursuing players until everyone is either deceased or evacuated.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl in Lethal Company emerges as a captivating entity, uniquely appearing on higher moons to haunt a chosen player.

  • Invisible and inaudible to all except the chosen victim, she silently observes from a distance.
  • However, she eventually skips towards the selected player, resulting in instant demise upon contact.
  • Detecting her presence, if you’re not the chosen victim, relies on the ship’s cameras, the sole means of revealing her elusive existence.

Dramatic Masks

Surviving and Defeating Dramatic Masks in Lethal Company:


  • Differentiate between Comedy and Tragedy Masks.
  • Know their aggression levels.
  • Swiftly transport and sell the mask for around 40 Credits.
  • Never wear the mask to evade possession resulting in death in 5 seconds.
  • Use the teleporter or escape into space if wearing the mask on a ship.


The Nutcracker is an aggressive creature found indoors, armed with a shotgun, patrolling the facility and targeting individuals it perceives as threats for elimination.

  • It rarely spawns early but appears more on higher-tier moons.
  • Listen for distinct sounds to detect it, but beware of similar tile-walking noises.
  • It senses motion but stops shooting if you stand still when it looks at you.
  • Using a Shovel triggers its attack.
  • Dodge its two-shot shotgun by hiding behind objects.
  • After it shoots twice, it reloads—attack it quickly with the shovel.

Earth Leviathan

The Earth Leviathan, a colossal worm in Lethal Company, hides underground outdoors, making its emergence unpredictable except through ship monitors displaying it as a giant dot.

  • Detecting tremors and soil disturbances signals its impending appearance.
  • When these signs manifest, swift action is crucial for survival.
  • If the Leviathan claims a player, it devours the body, erasing both it and any carried items.

Forest Keeper

The Forest Keeper in Lethal Company is a massive wooden creature that emerges after midday, patrolling the map’s exterior with loud footsteps audible from a distance.

  • When encountered, seek hiding spots or, if near the ship, make a swift retreat.
  • Escaping a pursuing Keeper proves challenging due to their speed.
  • Once caught, the Keeper seizes and consumes you, erasing both body and items.


I hope that this guide will prove invaluable for your next lunar adventure as you strive to meet your quota. Happy looting, and all hail the Company!

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