LIRE Walkthrough and Achievements Guide

This is a spoiler free walkthrough and achievement guide. The game’s fairly easy to get through, but here’s a guide for any of you that get stuck.

Getting Started


  • WASD to move
  • Shift to run
  • E to interact
  • F for flashlight (disabled at first)
  • I for inventory
  • M for map (only for house)

Part 1 – The Forest

Watch the cutscene.

Follow the path deeper into the forest.

You’ll come across a graveyard. Head through it. There will be a nun you can talk to if you want.

Further ahead, there’ll be a mansion surrounded by a wall.

If you head up to the main gate, you’ll find it locked, so you’ll have to take the side path to a secondary gate.

Once you enter, to your left there will be a little courtyard. On one of the tables, there’ll be a key. Interact with ‘E’ to get it.

There will be a shed nearby. Enter it.

On a table in the shed will be something you can take. Grab it. It is a battery.

Head to the house. It will be locked.

Open your inventory with ‘I’, right click on the key, and then press ‘Equip’.

You can now open the door.

There will be another item inside to your right. Pick it up.

It is a flashlight, but it has no batteries. Good thing you picked one up.

Open your inventory, and firstly, equip the battery. Then, while still in the inventory, equip the flashlight. That should put the battery in the flashlight.

You should be able to enter the house now.

Part 2 – The Wine Room

Head inside.

To your right is a purple candle. These are your save spots. You should save whenever you come across one, even if you’ve already passed that one before.

You should get a pop-up. Once you do, you can enter your inventory, and equip the flashlight. Then you should be able to press ‘F’ to turn on your flashlight.

After a bit of exploring, you’ll get another pop-up. Then you can open the map with ‘M’.

We can’t go upstairs for now. On the left of the stairs, you can find a rose, which is our healing items.

In the foyer, head forward to the mirror, by the right of the stairs. Below it will be a table with a key. This is the key to the locked room on the left.

Head to that room. In order to unlock it, you will have to equip the key from your inventory first.

Inside, you can find some potions, read the first of the diaries, and talk to a ghost girl.

She wants you to find her doll. If you look behind the partition in the room, you can find a hint to where it is.

To get to where it is, we need to go through the hallway to the right. However, it is locked.

To the right of the door is a cabinet. Interacting with it will show that it is missing a teapot.

Looking around the room, you can find a lone teapot on a table. Pick it up and return it, equipping it from your inventory.

The door opens.

Head down the corridor, picking up glowing healing items when you see them.

At one point, while trying to go through a door, hanged bodies will drop from the ceiling. Running into them should unlock your first achievement.

  • The Hanged Man – meet the bound ghost for the first time

You will enter a large hallway. To your left is another save spot and the locked library. To your right is another locked area and the study.

Looking around the study, you will find another diary, a potion, and a gun. Picking up the gun will get you the next achievement.

  • Cursed Rifle – get killed by cursed rifle

On the table next to the gun is a key. Pick up the key. This unlocks the door at the end of the hall on your right.

In the dining room, you’ll find another potion, a saving spot, and a rose. Keep going.

To your right, you’ll find the third diary.

Head to the room right of the kitchen. Inside, you’ll find a note and a doll you can interact with. Interact with it.

The way will show itself to you. Head through the wall.

Inside the secret room, you’ll find another locked door and a table. On the table will be a key. Take it.

Now you can head back to the kitchen to the store room. Make your way to the wine room. Along the way will be another save spot.

Inside you’ll find the bunny doll, and then can exit through the locked door in the secret area.

Head back to the ghost girl and give her the doll.

Part 3 – The Library

Make your way to the library. On the first floor, you’ll find the next diary.

Head upstairs and make your way to the library’s balcony. On the balcony, you’ll find another diary, but it may not be safe.

Make your way around and go down the stairs. You’ll find a save spot and reach a kind of maze. Before you enter the maze, head all the way to the right of the sitting area.

There you’ll find a note with an incomplete password. Alice will give her thoughts on it; then put in the password into the black box on the wall next to it.

When you enter the maze, take the first left to find the sixth diary. This will get you your next achievement.

  • Secret Girl Diary – find girl diary vol 6

Go back and head right through the maze instead. At the very back, there will be a door that you unlocked.

In that room, you will find the last diary. After the cutscene, interact with the book again to find a key.

Head back to the main stairs.

If you do it right, here is when you’ll get the next achievement.

  • Sisterescape from ghost girl sister

Part 4 – Upstairs

Head upstairs and unlock the ballroom with the key you found.

You can’t do anything now because you don’t have any sheet music. However, a note in the room will tell you where to find some.

Unfortunately, the door to where we want to go is locked. For now, head to the guest room and do what the note says. That will unlock the door.

Inside the Fashion Room, there will be a ghost you need to avoid. Use your new ability and explore the area.

For advanced tips:

The ghost will patrol back and forth through the hallway in a predictable matter. Once you learn her pattern, that will help you avoid her. The places with a red arrow indicate places you can hide. Shout to attract her to an area, and then hide quickly while she comes. When she passes you, you can jump out and run behind her. The ghost seems to be entirely based on sight, so she can’t hear you if you run or anything. I recommend drawing her to the changing room right next to the save spot, and then hiding behind the plant. Once she passes you, run out to the very end of the hallway and open the door at the end. There will be a small hallway that loops back to the door behind the plant you can hide at. Unlock the door from that side and open the pathway. This will be really useful, since the ghost can’t seem to go into this area, so if she spots/chases you, run into there to lose her. (If she is still after you/camping the door, you can run out the other side and then hide in a hiding spot until she de-aggros.) You can shout at one end of the pathway and then run through to the other side to explore that side of the map safely.The first time you get your ability, you should get your next achievement.

  • Hooi – use “shout command” for the first time

While you are exploring, you will find a side room with a note inside, and another black box in which to input a password. The note says, “Red – Blue – Green – Yellow”.


The note refers to the colored mannequins. Interacting with certain mannequins will give you numbers.

Answer: The answer is 4179.

Once you put in the correct answer, you’ll hear something be destroyed. Once that happens, make your way out and to the right, where there will be a room where there wasn’t one before. In that room will be some sheet music.

Grab it and head back to the ballroom. Put the sheet music on the piano and then talk to the gentleman ghost.

Afterward, you’ll receive the next achievement.

  • Waltz – dance with nobleman ghost To be continued….

Last Achievement

  • Dead Endmeet the bound ghost that blocking your path in the fashion room

To be completely honest, I have no idea…

If anyone else has gotten/figures out how to get this achievement, let me know so I can update this guide.

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