List of All Glitches in Total War: NAPOLEON Multiplayer Mode

This guide is to display and make known the many glitches in multiplayer that can be used in battle .

Square Formation

Square Formation notably improves units defense stat and cripples cavalry charges. However, it does have a glitch. A unit in square has additional firing range compared to if it wasn’t in square. While not very useful it can prove useful in niche circumstances.

Light Infantry Formation

Light Infantry when typically moved has a certain depth their formation must keep. However, if they are in a single line and then you put them into light infantry order they are much more spread out. Making them harder target to hit. This in very useful if you need a single unit to hold a flank. They can even be moved if they are grouped or using battlefield arrows.


Units that can deploy stakes of course stop cavalry as designed. However, the stakes have a glitch. They stop both cannon balls and bullets. This gives a great deal of survivability to units behind stakes. This gives rifles, jagers, and voltigeurs a ton of additional time on the battlefield.


Artillery is the ultimate meatshield due to a glitch. They are near immune to bullets. Volley after volley can come in and do they care? No. This makes them a very useful meatshield often better than militia would be.

Flag Glitching

Using this glitch a loaded army from a save can change their nationality. This can be used to feign a tactic or if nothing else catch an opponent off guard. While fairly rare due it making all your unit icons go to a default one, it does never the less sometimes happen. Pictured is the French Imperial Old Guard.

Siege Battles

When a wall gets damaged and you run your men off the ramp sometimes every single man will just die at the bottom. Its awful but does often happen.

Creating Battles

A bug that often occurs is rain even when its not selected. Using Grassy Flats as an example, set light rain and make the time afternoon. Doing this will lead to no rain!

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