List of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Error Codes and Workaround

This is to form a comprehensive error code list so that we can all get to know what they mean and (if possible) how to fix them. Thus far I have not seen one place with a comprehensive list of all error codes. If you have one and an explanation for it, feel free to post it here, and it’ll go up on the list.

Where to find error files and logs: %AppData%\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide

Yeah, I could google it, but there is a reason these spaces exist. I intend to construct a complete guide and will be attempting to get a list from Fatshark themselves if at all possible.

Error Code


  • Description: Error code 4008 occurs when a client PC fails to connect to the server for a specified time. The error occurs to prevent the device from a continuous standby response from the server.
  • Possible Fixes: Restart the game, and restart Steam. Check the internet connection… other than that I’m at a loss atm.


  • Description: At this moment, none.
  • Possible Fixes: Fatshark added to their bug list. More details here.


  • Description: This generally appears when there is some sort of complication server-side, not much you can really do about this. It seems to be mostly related to group sessions somehow, residual/old connections from when you improperly closed the game last, or a crash that then proceeds to attempt to rejoin you to the last group session you were with (apparently).
  • Possible Fixes: Lots of different suggestions, Check the integrity of game files, restart the game, and check network connectivity. Also. reconnecting. NOTE: If this issue consistently pops up during your gameplay session, there have been suggestions to change the “host” of the party or a different “leader” to the party. I am not entirely sure myself, but alas it’s something to try if you are plagued by this.


  • Even Fatshark is aware of this issue, they are working on fixing it still (21/09/23). Issue connecting to game servers/lobby.
  • Fixes: Found in personal experience to be heavily related to mobile data connection, connect through wired/wifi
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