Love n Life Lucky Teacher Beginner’s Gifting Guide

Quick guide to each girl’s hobbies, preferred traits, gifts for their rooms, outfit, and where to search for collectibles.

Liu Xinyi

Hobbies: Study, Pets, Yoga, Travel

Ideal Man: Sensitive, Diligent, Proactive, Ambitious

Room gifts: Chinese Idiom Wall Decor, Cat (you can pet this cat for the same mood boost as others), Bamboo Bear Figurine, Paper Fan, Standing Mirror

Outfit: Cheongsam

Room interaction points: Top drawer to the left of her bed, lower left red pillow

Masuimi Ishida

Hobbies: Diary, Bar, Meditation, Luxury Brands

Ideal Man: Honest, Muscular, Caring, Romantic

Room gifts: Lipstick, Perfume, Woman’s Brimmed Hat, Souvenir Figurine

Outfit: Luxury Office Outfit

Room interaction points: Closet

Sato Yuriko

Hobbies: Gaming, Going Out, Shopping, Premium Gadgets

Ideal Man: Bad Boy, Rich, Funny, Fashionable

Room gifts: Teddy Bear, Headphones, Handheld Gaming Console, Rabbit Brick, White Shoes

Outfit: Youthful Street Outfit

Room interaction points: Right drawer on the vanity (table in front of the mirror)

Sato Himari

Hobbies: Tea, Vintage, Bonsai, Astrology

Ideal Man: Sensitive, Mature, Family Man, Stable Job

Room gifts: Kimono Figurine, Classic Music Player, Wall Art, Bonsai Pot

Outfit: Shoulder Straps Maxi Dress

Room interaction points: Right side of bed, drawer just to the right of bed

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