Lust Element Achievements Walkthrough Guide

This guide contains one full playthrough with multiple save points to make backtracking for the remaining achievements a much faster process. Gallery is at the end of the guide in case you’ve missed something and want to know which one you’re missing. Gallery icons are in order of when you can unlock them during the story.

Lust Element Achievements Walkthrough

  • Start a new game.
  • Name yourself.
  • Try to de-escalate
  • Understood

My name is Sidorovich!
Meet the honest businessman Sidorovich.

  • Play along…
  • Leave the datapad alone

Meet with April.

  • Where’s this coming from?


  • My curiosity is piqued…
  • <Your choice>

Hard data
Have sex with Clara after you’ve stolen the data.

  • Compliment April

I’m the captain!
Meet with your crew.

  • Answer Warmly

We’re rich!
Mine pure demetrium.

  • Be understanding
  • Smooth talk her


  • Continue watching
  • Keep watching

Eye-eye captain!
Peep as Lucas pleases Riley.

  • Walk on in silence
  • Keep silent
  • Express your doubt


  • Tell Lucas to wait by the door

My crew won’t die that easily!
Lucas almost died, but you saved him in time.

  • Congratulate April
  • Ask April what’s wrong
  • Apologize
  • Ask about your crew

Welcome to Paragon
Land on the Paragon station.

  • Try to talk with the guard
  • Answer warmly

Rulers of the galaxy
Meet with the counselors of the Paragon station.

  • Brush off the General’s insult
  • Lay off her
  • Accept
  • Play it cool


  • Play along
  • <Your choice>

Exploring new species
Have sex with a sexy alien you’ve met in a bar on Paragon.

  • Try to reason with the pimp
  • <Your choice>
  • Be charming

This kitty has claws
Sora Zed gave your team and ultimatum.

  • Smart men are led by smart women
  • Don’t say anything else
  • It sounds too easy
  • Go shopping for equipment
  • Let’s do it
  • Try to avoid attention

Jack of all trades
Meet Jack and his subordinate Hera.

  • What’s this for?
  • Do the extra work


  • Collect payment
  • I feel lucky!
  • <Your choice>

Make me your toy!
Let Nym play with you like a toy.

  • Ask Riley how she is
  • Fine! Let’s just wait and see.
  • <Your choice>


  • You’re driving me crazy!

Cave sex
Have an intimate moment with Hera in the cave.

  • <Your choice>
  • I’ll protect you, M’lady!
  • That’s a great idea!
  • Reminisce about Luna
  • How is this on me?

Tension between captains
The tension between you and Jack rises.


  • Make a move

Mile high club
Have sex with Hera on Jack’s spaceship.

  • <Your choice>
  • Stick to Jack’s plan
  • Ask for assurances
  • Please don’t
  • Wait and see what happens.

Payback time!
Teach Brom and his goons a lesson!

  • Brom… listen!
  • Maybe he should tag along?!
  • Jack… wait!

Surfing solo
Lucas left the crew for good and he won’t come back.

  • I always run with ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • Enough of this ♥♥♥♥!
  • Tell her everything
  • Riley needs to know…


  • Tell him only about the cargo

I have my secrets
Tell Jack about the Demetrium, but keep some details hidden.

  • Yes!
  • Listen, Jack!
  • Buy something for April

SAVE 9 – For Gallery Completion

  • Go straight there
  • Reminisce
  • Back down
  • Do you want to talk about it?!
  • Ask her about Earth
  • I’m pissed


  • This reminds me of…
  • Let her continue

Proper “Thank you”
Agree to have sex with an alien girl you’ve saved from slavery.

  • Be careful, April

Invading the Bozzar station!
Get ready to invade Bozzar station! Survival chances are low…


  • I agree

Not worth the risk
Agree with Jack that it’s not worth the risk to save the prisoners.

  • Play it cool
  • Keep your distance

I come from a galaxy far-far away!
Learn about the origins of the prophet.

  • Tell Riley you care


  • Go for it! Squeeze that puss
  • ♥♥♥♥


  • Check on the Prophet
  • Why the blindfold?
  • Were you a prisoner?
  • Perhaps what?
  • Let it pass
  • Go Talk to April
  • Jack, please understand!

Welcome to Paragon! Again…
Return to the Paragon station on Jack’s ship.

  • It’s not that…
  • Change the subject

Time to bring Creed down!
Discuss the plan to defeat Creed with Jack and Sora Zed.


  • Grab a drink with April
  • Ditch the bill
  • Play it safe


  • I sure do (Stay)

Mon chéri!
Go on a date with April that ends up with Sex.

  • Now who’s not being professional?
  • Is that so? Prove it!
  • Not bad!
  • Okay, yeah… sure…
  • Sidorovich! How are you?
  • Be empathetic
  • This is too crazy. I need to leave.


  • Walk around to clear your head
  • Offer to help
  • Boast


  • It is getting hot (stay)

Cat play
Meet Sora Zed on her patrol and flirt your way to sex with her.

  • Forget? What do you mean by that?
  • Look, man. Let’s be friends.

Boom shakalaka!
Defeat General Creed and see him get consumed by the explosion.

  • I only came here for the data

Soft data
Get the data from Clara without having sex with her.

  • Go away and bleach your eyes

Bleach my eyes!
Ignore Lucas and Riley and try to forget what you’ve seen.

  • Tell Lucas to check on cargo
  • Ask Lucas what he wants

Space surfer
Lucas got lost in space trying to save the cargo.

  • Bail out before it’s too late

Not in the mood
Decline sex offered by a sexy alien in a bar on Paragon.

  • I need to get out of here

No need to pay
Decline Nym’s intention to pay you with sex.

  • We should stop!

Now? Really?!
Decline Hera’s sexy offer in the cave.

  • Let her leave

Leave me alone!
Decline Hera’s flirt on Jack’s spaceship.

  • Tell him about the Bozzar

Honest Captain
Tell Jack about the Bozzars who took Demetrium.

  • LOAD SAVE 9 – For Gallery Completion
  • Take the long way
  • Let Nym sit down
  • <Your choice>
  • LOAD SAVE 10
  • This isn’t right

That isn’t right
Don’t take advantage of the vulnerable alien girl you’ve just saved.

  • LOAD SAVE 11
  • What?! ♥♥♥♥ no!

We’re saving everyone!
Agree with Riley to save prisoners from Bozzar station.

  • LOAD SAVE 12
  • Better leave now

Not my size
You’ve decided to not push forward towards fucking Riley.

  • LOAD SAVE 13
  • Grab a drink with Riley
  • Rubber ducky mode?
  • What if I was?
  • I’ve been a good boy (go inside)

I’ve been a good boy
Go on a date with Riley that ends up with Sex.

  • LOAD SAVE 13
  • Grab a drink with Riley
  • Rubber ducky mode?
  • I guess that could be neat

We’re friends, that’s it
Go on a date with Riley but decline the intimacy.

  • LOAD SAVE 13
  • Go for a drink at the bar
  • Of course I remember you!
  • Try to flirt
  • Offer to walk Dalla home
  • Be speechless

Not for sale anymore
Meet Dalla who quit prostitute job and have sex with her.

  • LOAD SAVE 13
  • Go for a drink at the bar
  • Of course I remember you!
  • Try to flirt
  • Offer to walk Dalla home
  • Leave

Been there Done that
Meet Dalla who quit prostitute job but decline the sex.

  • LOAD SAVE 14
  • You’re drunk, April (Leave)

You’re too drunk
Go on a date with April but decline the intimacy.

  • LOAD SAVE 15 – For Gallery Completion
  • Try to settle your nerves
  • Ask her how she’s feeling
  • Kiss her
  • Throw caution to the wind
  • LOAD SAVE 16
  • It’s just you (leave)

Thanks for sparring
Spent time sparring with Sora Zed, but leave as soon as she offers sex.

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