How to Beat 20/20/20/20 Mode in Five Nights at Freddy’s

Just a quick guide on how to beat 4/20 mode, this max mode is considered to be the easiest max mode in the series so this guide won’t be that long.

Gameplay Strategy

Now the first thing that you’re gonna do when you start up the night, is pull up the camera and switch to camera 4B (East Hall Corner Camera) so that Freddy doesn’t attack you. Once you’ve done that, spam pull up the monitor until the power reaches to 97%. Once it reaches that percentage, you’re gonna start this pattern that you’re going to repeat for most of the night. Basically the pattern is: Check the left door > pull up the camera > Check the right door > pull the camera > REPEAT. If Bonnie or Chica are at your door just simply close the door on them and keep doing the pattern until they leave, unlike in night 2 or night 3 were they just stay at door for a very long time, in 4/20 mode they leave the door more quickly.

You’re basically going to be repeating this pattern for most of the night and now you may be wondering, “What about Foxy?” you may ask, well Foxy can actually be stalled with just pulling the monitor up constantly. If you don’t believe me, try to pulling up the monitor on any camera other than Pirate Cove more often the next time you play night 2, you’ll see that Foxy will never progress to his 2nd or 3rd stage. In all seriousness, Foxy can just be stalled by pulling up the camera constantly, it doesn’t matter which camera you’re on so as long as you pull up the monitor more often, he’ll most likely never be able to progress to his 3rd stage or run down the hallway. With this strategy and the pattern that I just mentioned earlier, because you’re constantly checking the doors and pulling up the camera, Foxy, Bonnie or Chica will be unlikely to jumpscare you and end your run.

If you’re really worried about Foxy, and Chica is at your door or its been an in-game hour, you can close the right door and pull up the camera and switch to Pirate Cove quickly to take a look on how Foxy is behaving. If he’s in his 2nd or 3rd stage, just pull up the monitor more often or restart the run, if foxy still hasn’t progress to his 2nd stage yet, just keep playing how you were doing. Just make sure to close the right door before pulling the camera so that Freddy doesn’t get in and quickly switch the camera back to 4B.

Closing Note

Yeah that’s pretty much it for this guide, this mode is really easy and not that bad once you know the strategy and know what to do. If you just died to Foxy randomly at some point, don’t worry, just start another run and hope that you don’t get bad luck next time. Sometimes you can get the worst rng and die to him randomly.

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