MADNESS: Project Nexus PC Keyboard and Gamepad Controls

Want to experience the fun-filled arcade style in MADNESS: Project Nexus? If yes, here are the MADNESS: Project Nexus controls to help you get started. Please be reminded that you have the option to modify these default controls to your desired keys by going to the settings section of MADNESS: Project Nexus.

MADNESS: Project Nexus Controls

Movements (Double tap to run)W A S D
AttackLeft Mouse Button
Block / Brace Aim / Shoot Left HandRight Mouse Button
Kick / Pistol WhipMouse Wheel Button
Pick Up WeaponQ
Deploy ThrowableG
Swap WeaponsTab
Swap Team Mate (Hold to issue order)Ctrl
Heavy Attack / HeadshotShift + Left Mouse Button
Pick Up to Off-HandShift + Q
Throw WeaponShift + Q + Left Mouse Button

If you’re confused with the listed keys above, you can also refer to the visual controls guide below. In addition, you can also find the default MADNESS: Project Nexus gamepad controls setup.

Do you have any suggestions to improve this MADNESS: Project Nexus controls guide? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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Yeah I have one HOW DO YOU THROW A WEAPON WITH XBOX CONTROLLER. I do like the game but come on with the tutorial it only shows how to play the game through keyboard and not through xbox controller