Mahjong Magic Journey Achievements Guide

Mahjong Magic Journey is a video game where you will be showcasing your mahjong skills to save the magical pets. In this page, we will be guiding you through the full steps on how to get all achievements in Mahjong Majic Journey.


Total Number of Achievements: 12
Online Achievements: 0
Offline Achievements: 12
Broken Achievements: 0
Time: 7-9 hoursOverview:

  • Complete all levels
  • Complete 30 levels with 3 keys achieved
  • Use the shuffle bonus 50 times
  • Reach 100k points in total
  • Reach x15 multiplier index


  • Steam achievements do not coincide with in-game achievements.


Level Progress

Fern Flower

Complete the Enchanted Forest

Water of Life

Complete the Golden Sands

Phoenix Feather

Complete the Soaring Island

Dragon’s Claw

Complete the Dragon Mountains

Crystal Star

Complete the Frozen Hills

Crystal of Wisdom

Complete the Black Castle

Those achievements are unlocked upon completing each set of levels.


Spell Scroll

Get 30 keys

Keys are acquired by fulfilling each level’s requirements. You’ll always get at least one key upon completing a level. This achievement has some history of being buggy. It’s supposed to unlock after acquiring your 30th key, however, sometimes this unlocks much later. For me personally it unlocked at between 90-120 keys collected.

Cup of the Liberator

Complete 30 levels with the highest score

Achieve 3 keys in 30 different levels. The easiest way to do this is to get 3 keys in all Enchanted Forest levels, and in half of the Golden Sands levels.

Miscellaneous Challenges

All-Seeing Eye

Remove 1000 pairs of tiles

This achievement will be unlocked naturally while progressing through the game.

Leprechaun’s Gold

Earn 100.000 points

This achievement will be earned naturally while progressing through the game.

Conjurer’s Staff

Use bonus 50 times

Use the shuffle ability a total of 50 times. This achievement will most likely be unlocked while progressing through the game.

Outrunner’s Boots

Achieve 15x index

Reach a x15 multiplier index. I personally reached x15 index in Black Castle 20, the final level, on my very first attempt. The only other level I’ve been able to get to 15x index is Frozen Hills 14.

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