Maneater Trophy List and Guide for PS4

Developer Blindside Interactive and Publisher Tripwire Interactive released the official Maneater trophy list and guides for PlayStation 4.

In Maneater, players will be collecting 33 trophies consisting of 20 bronze, 6 silver, 6 gold, and 1 platinum. Check out the full Maneater trophies for PS4 below.

Maneater Trophies

PlatinumObtain all other trophiesPlatinum Trophy
SurvivorSurvive BirthBronze Trophy
Learned To SwimComplete the tutorialBronze Trophy
Growing UpReach Teen GrowthBronze Trophy
On Your OwnReached Adult GrowthBronze Trophy
WiserReached Elder GrowthSilver Trophy
Ocean TerrorReached Mega GrowthGold Trophy
AdaptationEvolve for the first timeBronze Trophy
New BreedAcquire 50% of available evolutionsSilver Trophy
Science ExperimentAcquire 100% of available evolutionsGold Trophy
Dominating the BayouComplete all objectives in Fawtick BayouBronze Trophy
Queen of the WastelandComplete all objectives in Dead Horse LakeBronze Trophy
Tourist TerrorComplete all objectives in Golden ShoresBronze Trophy
Dropping Property ValuesComplete all objectives in Sapphire BayBronze Trophy
Vacation From HellComplete all objectives in Prosperity SandsBronze Trophy
Entertained to DeathComplete all objectives in Caviar KeyBronze Trophy
Ruler of the DeepComplete all objectives in The GulfBronze Trophy
Queen of the OceanReach 100% objective completion in all regionsGold Trophy
Gator MeatKill the Apex Predator in Fawtick BayouBronze Trophy
DeliciousKill the Apex Predator in Dead Horse LakeBronze Trophy
Shark on Shark ViolenceKill the Apex Predator in Golden ShoresBronze Trophy
Pound ItKill the Apex Predator in Sapphire BayBronze Trophy
This Is My MovieKill the Apex Predator in Prosperity SandsBronze Trophy
Tricks Didn't Help YaKill the Apex Predator in Caviar KeyBronze Trophy
I Thought You Were ToughKill the Apex Predator in The GulfBronze Trophy
The New Apex PredatorDestroy all Apex PredatorsGold Trophy
Survived AgainSurvive AgainSilver Trophy
Vengeance Is MineGet revengeGold Trophy
Deep Sea ExplorerFind all nutrient cachesSilver Trophy
Garbage CollectorFind all license platesBronze Trophy
TouristFind all landmarksGold Trophy
Infamy Level 1Reached Infamy Level 1Silver Trophy
Infamy Level 10Reached Infamy Level 10Silver Trophy

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By Earl Stewart

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