Marvel’s Midnight Suns Beginner’s Deadpool Card Guide

Welcome to my overview of Deadpool, one of the four DLC characters in the game, and in my honest opinions the strongest of all four of them.

In short, Deadpool excels in doing big damage, as long as you can keep him out of trouble and keep him stacking his En Fuego stacks. Due to the nature of his En Fuego, he has to be the one to KO enemies, which means that he plays best with characters that can keep support him in this and take aggro from other enemies away from him.

His biggest shortcoming is his very low survivability. On his own and with unmodded cards, he only has access to one source of Resist and his passive heals him a bit at the start of his turn. Unsurprisingly, Deadpool does require a babysitter to work properly.

Passives and Recommended Stats

En Fuego

First off, his En Fuego passive is required for most of his abilities. Its descriptions is as follows:

Provides a stacking bonus to Deadpool abilities. 1 En Fuego is lost whenever Deadpool takes damage from an attack.

In simpler terms: KO enemies for stronger card effects and don’t get hit by enemies to keep the stacks you earned. You can earn a maximum of 5 En Fuego stacks, with each consecutive stack being harder to earn than the previous. The amount of KOs you need to move up are as follows.

  • Stack 1: 1 KO
  • Stack 2: 2 KO
  • Stack 3: 2 KO
  • Stack 4: 3 KO
  • Stack 5: 4 KO

This means to get to max En Fuego, Deadpool needs to KO a total of 12 enemies.

Staying Alive

Deadpool’s friendship level passive might genuinely be his worst aspect. His two passive levels are as follows:

Staying Alive: Deadpool recovers 15% Health each turn.

Staying Alive II: Deadpool recovers 15% Health each turn, plus an additional 5% Health for each stack of En Fuego.Though lore accurate, this passive is borderline useless. Deadpool is most useful when stacking En Fuego, for which he can’t be damaged by enemies (losing health through status effects doesn’t lower En Fuego stacks.

Recommended Stats

If you have access to the Morbius DLC, stats should be a lot easier to attain by using his Abbey upgrades to increase secondary stats. Otherwise you have to settle for Daily Sparring to raise Deadpool’s stats. These are my recommendations for what to level first and why.

  • Critical Damage/Chance. These are the two most important secondary stats on Deadpool. This turns him from a hero that hits hard to a hero that can one-shot a Villain. Level these as soon as you can.
  • Resilience. Specifically important if you are on higher difficulties and you need to start relying on the Resist from Hey, #^*face! Prevents Deadpool from getting blasted with negative effects.
  • Power. Super useful for getting some extra range on Quick Shot. Also adds some range to Pain Piñata.
  • Strength. Deadpool has a few useful cards with Knockback, this just adds a nice little versatility in Knockback distance.
  • Fortitude. Free shields are never bad, but not a priority.
  • Willpower. Deadpool already has a pretty useless passive that takes care of this. It’s not a bad thing to have, but makes for his best dumpstat when leveling through Morbius’ Laboratory.

Card Tier List

First off, a quick overview on where I think cards belong on my own personal tierlist. Further down this guide I go into detail why I believe cards are good or bad.

Quick Shot

Quick shot does 50% Offense damage per shot, is quick and can chain once when you get a KO on something. Also grants 1 Heroism.

Quick Shot is your bread and butter. I recommend running two of these. This card is incredibly useful to quickly get your En Fuego stacks on enemies with no health bars, which makes this most useful to use on fresh reinforcements. And if you build Deadpool crit heavy, which you should, this also helps finishing off slightly stronger enemies. You want to look for ways to KO with this at all times. The second shot being a KO is optional, but generally preferred.

Death From Above

Death From Above does 100% Offense damage + 33% Offense damage per stack of En Fuego. Also grants +1 Heroism.

Death From Above is not necessarily a bad card, but because Deadpool has 5 total different Attacks cards in his arsenal, a maximum of 4 Attacks per deck and two of those are going to be Quick Shot in most decks, this card quickly becomes obsolete. It’s much weaker than Overpowered and Boom, Headshot is a more reliable and stronger choice. Not bad, but obsolete.

Pain Piñata

Pain Piñata is a 1 cost Heroic that deals 50% offense damage in a small area. The area is 25% bigger per stack of En Fuego.

Pain Piñata is not a fantastic card. The damage is atrociously low compared to Deadpool’s other cards. The increase in range with En Fuego is nice, but not all that great if damage doesn’t increase. However, it has it’s uses when facing things like Vampyres or Lilin with many hounds. Add a good redraw mod to this card, and it can be used as a good card to redraw off from when you are not in a situation to blow up four smaller enemies in one go.

The only thing this card has going for it is that it’s Deadpool’s only real AoE card. Again, potentially super useful in a handful of situations, but otherwise kind of mediocre, especially considering the fact that this is a Heroic card and not an Attack card.

All Together Now

All Together Now is a skill that grants 1 card draw + 1 additional draw for each stack of En Fuego. The next two ally KOs by use of cards count towards Deadpool’s En Fuego stacks. Also grants two Heroism.

A pretty good card to round out any deck. The biggest downside is the fact that it costs a Card Play to use, but the extra Heroism plus probably the strongest card draw in the game makes this for a pretty solid choice to add to the deck. Plus the next two ally KOs counting towards En Fuego is a really nice bonus.

You probably won’t run more than 1 copy of this card ever, worth getting some mods for it that grant extra Heroism or have some good redraw effects in moments where you don’t want to was Card Plays. Not sure if this can get the Free upgrade, but that would be the best case scenario.

Boom, Headshot

Boom, Headshot does 200% Offense Damage, plus grants an additional Heroism per stack of En Fuego.

An incredibly reliable damage card. Maybe doesn’t get as silly as Mag Dump and Overpowered, but the fact that this card’s damage output is high without relying on En Fuego makes it a fantastic damaging option. Plus the bonus Heroism per stack of En Fuego makes this a useful card to run alongside characters who use Heroism hungry cards.

Depending on what you’re up against, running one or maybe two copies of this card is rarely a bad thing. Especially when facing a villain that can eat through Deadpool’s En Fuego stacks despite his Resist stacks, this allows him to still dish out damage.

Spread the Love

Spread the Love does 50% Offense damage per shot and grants +1 Chain per stack of En Fuego. Also grants 1 Heroism.

Spread the Love is in the same unfortunate ballpark as Death From Above. Its damage is sub par, is easily outscaled damagewise by Overpowered, is not as reliable as Boom, Headshot and Quick Shot being Quick and having a possibility to chain all compete this card out of your Deadpool deck. And if you even wanted to use it for AoE, you already have Pain Piñata.

Once again, not a bad card, just made obsolete by other cards.

Mag Dump

Mag Dump is a 5 cost Heroic that does 400% Offense Damage. Every stack of En Fuego lowers its cost by one Heroism.

This bad boy does insane damage to Villains and strong enemies, possibly one-shotting them if it crits. Plus its damage being static and not scaling with En Fuego makes it a very reliable Heroic. Even at full cost it’s effectively a Hero Combo card, except it doesn’t get Exhausted.

Reliable, but due to its cost and its focus on single target damage, one copy should be what you’re running at most.


Overpowered does 50% Offense damage + 50% Offense damage per stack of En Fuego. It has Forceful Knockback and grants 1 Heroism.

Overpowered is everything Death From Above wishes it was. Even at no En Fuego stacks, this card is stronger than Death From Above, simply because of the Forceful Knockback. Which at a minimum adds 50% Offense damage if the target bumps into something, let alone any other enemies or hazards it might be bashed into.

Super solid card, hits hard, has knockback and gets stupidly strong when critting and at max En Fuego stacks.

Hey #^*face!

Hey #^*face! taunts target and grants 1 Resist plus one additional stack per En Fuego. Also grants 2 Heroism.

A great defensive option for Deadpool. Also his only defensive option. The Resist can block any hits threatening your precious En Fuego stacks and can even be used to draw aggro from an ally in trouble. The extra Heroism is also a nice bonus. The only real issue is that Resist doesn’t work on Villain attacks, which unless they are taunted by another hero, can still pose a thread to Deadpool’s stacks.

You probably don’t need more than one copy of this, as it still ‘wastes’ a Card Play. Resist stacks stay until they’re used, which means that even in a longer battle, you probably draw this again by the time you run out of stacks.

Burning Sensation

Burning Sensation is a two Heroism cost Heroic that deals 133% Offense Damage +133% Offense Damage per stack of En Fuego. Also has Exhaust.

Honestly, while not a bad card, it’s unreliable. First of all, the description on the card itself is deceptive. It doesn’t double damage, it just adds another 133% Offense damage per stack of En Fuego. This means that this card only surpasses Mag Dump at three stacks of En Fuego. Mag Dump does a static 400% Offense Damage. This card does the same amount of damage at two stacks of En Fuego. But then when you use it, it’s gone and exhausted. And that’s honestly not great when fighting prolonged battles against Villains, which is the one thing this card excels at.

In short, good card, but only if you can keep Deadpool’s En Fuego stacks at two or above, else swap out for Mag Dump. You could run it alongside it.

Deck Recommendation

This is the deck I personally run. I also run a bunch of mods, but feel free to experiment with those yourself. Any mod is almost always better than no mods, so get silly with them. The deck I run is as follows:

  • Quick Shot
  • Quick Shot
  • Boom, Headshot
  • Overpowered
  • All Together Now
  • Hey #^*face!
  • Mag Dump
  • Burning Sensation

Occasionally I switch out Burning Sensation for Pain Piñata. Only when it’s going to be fights against Vampyres and Lilin.

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