Mech Armada

Mech Armada Rolls Out August 13th Update

Following the game launch of Mech Armada, developer and publisher Lioncode Games has rolled out the newest update on August 13, 2021. The new update carries version 0.1.515-5392 of the game which mainly highlights some bug fixes and in-game balancing.

For more details update this update, feel free to check the full changelog of the new patch for Mech Armada below.

Mech Armada Update Patch Notes

  • Fix upgrade tooltip for Missile Head.
  • Fix moves overflowing and being set to 0 when using Infinite Loop.
  • Fix Mischief not applying to landmine damage.
  • Force seeds to be exactly 7 characters (otherwise they’re invalid).
  • Fix some cases where the battle wouldn’t end properly.
  • Hide empty tooltip when an action has no effect (e.g. all damage is absorbed by armor).
  • Fix Missile Head looking like it can receive an upgrade from an upgraded Mini Missile Pod.

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