Mechabellum Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

I will demonstrate my successful aggressive tactics that have led to victories most of the time (with a success rate of 2 out of 3 attempts).

Steel Division Strategy

In the game Steel Division, an effective formation consists of three crucial units: Steel Balls, Mustangs, and Crawlers/Fangs.

There are three important aspects to consider regarding this formation:

  1. Frontline Positioning: It is crucial for all units to be positioned at the frontline to swiftly engage the enemy, aiming to overrun them directly and minimize response time.
  2. Importance of Fangs/Crawlers: These units serve as the primary focus, absorbing heavy damage and enabling rapid advances. They are responsible for neutralizing enemy shields and intercepting defensive missiles, ensuring both offensive and defensive measures.
  3. Mass and Limited Counterplay: The formation relies on mass deployment to restrict the opponent’s opportunities for effective countermeasures, limiting their ability to respond effectively.

Why Fangs/Crawlers?

Fangs/Crawlers are chosen for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness as a trash shield, remaining on the battlefield without requiring significant investment in shields, defense missiles, or drawing fire away from the main units.

Two Variants:

  1. Starting with Initial Units: This variant involves using the starting units without purchasing additional ones. While it comes at no extra cost, the left and right sides of the formation remain vulnerable to rocket attacks.

  1. Deploying four low-cost units to defend the sides against rockets. This variant requires an investment of 100 or more resources and utilizes one unit slot. However, it provides additional protection against rocket attacks, at the expense of having one less medium unit available at the beginning.

The decision not to upgrade the crawlers/fangs is based on their susceptibility to destruction and the fact that they serve as simple bait for the opponent. By not leveling them, the opponent gains experience at a slower rate.

The choice of Steelballs and Mustangs is motivated by their speed and effectiveness, making them a potent combination capable of countering a wide range of threats.

Steelballs function as tanks and are particularly effective against medium to large ground units.

Mustangs, on the other hand, excel at dealing with small units, flying units, and distant targets. They also provide support to Steelballs, buying them more time by defending them.

The upgrade before unit rule is applicable here since as the game progresses, more units are added, making it more challenging to gain experience.

While every tactic can be countered, the rock-paper-scissors principle is prevalent, allowing for effective countermeasures.

For instance, suicide rhinos can be defused by employing emp wasps.

Meltingpoint strategies can be countered by utilizing mass and air units or by deploying Stormcallers.

To deter Hackers effectively, air units such as Phoenix or Overlord are the most suitable countermeasures.

By executing a flank attack, it becomes possible to position Mustangs near the towers in the rear area. This strategic placement enables them to hold off opponents from a distance, buying time or providing support for later stages of the battle.

During the start-up phase and construction of the formation, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Supply Level: Playing with a supply level of 50+ or 100+ makes it easier to execute strategies effectively. This allows for the purchase of 2 Mustangs or Steelballs at the beginning, enabling the spam units to take effect more quickly.
  2. Including Mustangs or Steelballs: It is advisable to include at least one Mustang or Steelball in the initial loadout. This helps reduce the overall cost of setting up the formation.
  3. Speed or Huge Units Booster: Utilizing a booster for speed or huge units can be beneficial. If starting with Rhino or Sniper units, it is advisable to either incorporate them into the formation or sell them at the beginning to increase the entry fee.
  4. Ideal Initial Formation: The initial formation should ideally be structured as follows:

In mid-game, it looks like this:

While in the end, it may look like this:

To expand the formation effectively, utilizing Overlord units works best. This creates a potent combination of four units that makes it challenging for the opponent to dismantle or overcome.

The most crucial upgrades to prioritize are as follows:

  1. Mustang: Focus on upgrading its range and increasing damage output by 50%.
  2. Steelballs: Prioritize Armor Enhancement upgrades to bolster their defensive capabilities.
  3. Research Center: Invest in upgrades that enhance both attack and defense as soon as possible.
  4. Late Game: Consider increasing the range of the Command Center to gain a tactical advantage in the later stages of the game.

While other upgrades can be beneficial, they are considered additional and can be implemented at a later stage, once the core upgrades mentioned above have been addressed.

Overlord Trap Strategy

The Overlord Trap is not a specific formation but rather a strategic point for the opponent to concentrate their attention on. It acts as a focal point that can facilitate the construction of counterattacks. However, it is important to note that executing a successful counterattack may require careful planning and time to develop an effective strategy.

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