Mega Zombie

Mega Zombie Controls for PlayStation and Xbox

This guide will be showing you the default Mega Zombie gamepad controls for PlayStation and Xbox. Note that you can customize these default controls by simply going to the settings menu of Mega Zombie.

Mega Zombie Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox
Move Left Stick Left Stick
Sprint L3 L3
Rotate Right Stick Right Stick
Melee Attack R3 R3
Switch Triangle Y
Crouch Circle B
Jump X A
Reload Square X
Melee Weapon R1 RB
Fire / Attack R2 RT
Tactical Weapon L1 LB
Aim / Scope L2 LT
Scoreboard D-Pad Right/Left/Up D-Pad Right/Left/Up
Shoulder Swap D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Pause Menu Option Menu

You can also refer to the visual control guide below:

Did we miss any Mega Zombie controls? Please let us know so we can update this controls guide for Mega Zombie created by Park ESM.

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