Midnight Fight Express

Midnight Fight Express Perks | All Perks and How to Unlock

Perks are one of the things that every player should get familiar with. This is where you can get bonuses to improve your character in Midnight Fight Express. To give you more details about the Midnight Fight Express perks, this guide will show you the list of perks that you can get in the game. We will be covering the steps on how to unlock the perks.

List of Perks in Midnight Fight Express

The following is the list of locations where you can find the perks. You can also find the effects of each perk that you can obtain in Midnight Fight Express.

Big Heads
All characters have big heads.

Infinite Ammo
All projectile weapons wielded by the player have infinite ammo.

Commuter Train
Unbreakable Weapons
All melee weapons have infinite durability.

Metro Station
Deadly Counters
All counter moves kill enemies instantly.

Infinite Focus
Grants players unlimited focus.

Abandoned Metro
Auto Gun Finishers
While wielding a bullet-firing weapon, shooting an enemy up close will automatically trigger a gun finisher. Works only while the “Gun Finishers” skill is equipped.

Train Tunnel
One Hit Kill
Every single melee hit kills the enemy instantly.

Exploding Heads
Enemies heads will blow up with every kill. Works only when Blood is enabled.

Exploding Fists
Every fist hit spawns an explosion.

The S.S. Muggler
Longer Rage
Rage lasts for a longer period of time.

Increased Ragdoll Physics
All enemies will flail with twice the speed when killed.

Exploding Bullets
Every bullet from guns spawns an explosion on hit.

Civilian Evacuation Centre
Knife Starter Pack
Start the level equipped with a knife.

Gas Station
Pistol Starter Pack
Start the level equipped with a pistol.

Shotgun Starter Pack
Start the level equipped with a shotgun.

Hawthorne Diner
Sledgehammer Starter Pack
Start the level equipped with a sledgehammer.

Game Studio
Rifle Starter Pack
Start the level equipped with a rifle.

Train Station
Slippery Skin
Enemies can’t grab you.

You are immune to any impacts.

Fight Club
Armoured Skin
Your skin is bulletproof.

Packing Heat
All enemies spawn with a pistol.

Russian Casino
Chef Special
All enemies spawn with a cleaver.

Extended Combo Meter
Your combo meter lasts longer.

Exploding Weapons
Every thrown weapon explodes on a hit.

Slow Motion Kills
Every kill ends in slow motion.

Construction Site
X-Ray Kills
More frequent X-Ray effect kills.

Sticky Weapons
Thrown weapons stick to enemies.

You can’t be knocked down.

Rapid Fire
Faster fire rate.

Confetti Party
Spawns confetti instead of blood.

VIP Room
Instant Revolver Ammo
Your revolver bullets load instantly.

Ignore Defence
Enemy defense bars do not exist.

Parking Garage
No Gravity
All dead bodies fly around.

Mosquito Kills
Every single hit can kill you.

Service Elevator
Faster Finishers
1.5x faster finisher attacks.

Eightieth Floor
Faster Counters
1.5x faster counterattacks.

Sticky Rolls
You pick up every weapon automatically while rolling.

Electrified Fists
Every hit electrocutes enemies.

All enemies turn against each other.

More Dummies
Two times more enemies spawn in Playground.

How to Unlock Perks and Bonus Tips

  • To unlock perks for a certain level, you need to be 100% it. This only means that you need to be completing the 3 challenges, collect all the 10 gold teeth and get an S rank.
  • Challenges cannot be completed with perks active but gold teeth and S rank can be done with a perk.
  • Getting S rank on many levels can be made much easier using perks, particularly Infinite Ammo if you get your hands on a gun early, also Chef Special can be very useful on levels where there are lots of enemies with guns.
  • Farming for gold teeth can also be made much easier using the Unbreakable Weapons perk.
  • Getting the challenges and gold teeth can be done on the easiest difficulty (“Custom” difficulty can be made the easiest with health turned up to 200).
  • On many levels, I found getting S rank to be easier on realistic difficulty (which adds a +100,000 score modifier) and Infinite Ammo (which negates it with a -100,000 score modifier).
  • You cannot use perks on a level until you have completed it once. This is for each difficulty too, so if you complete it on normal then turn it up to realistic you will not be able to use perks until you have completed it on realistic.
  • Something to be aware of using the Infinite Ammo perk, shooting normally does not use ammo but performing gun finishers do.
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