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MLB The Show 20 Update 1.13 Patch for PS4 is Now Live

Developer SIE San Diego Studio has rolled out the newest MLB The Show 20 update 1.13 adding the new Swing Analysis Window and addressing the bugs and issues in the game.

The main highlight of the update is the addition of the new Swing Analysis Window. The feature has been improved user’s swing timing and more. Apart from this feature, the new patch also adds stability and performance improvements. To know more about the update, check out the full patch notes below.

MLB The Show 20 Update 1.13 Patch Notes

What’s New

  • New Swing Analysis Window
    • With the new Swing Analysis Window, we hope to help users understand the context of why [the hit] happened. There are so many inputs to determining any play result, so we focused on covering the most essential information in an intuitive way.

Bug Fixes


  • Several fixes made to Outfielders reacting to and catching balls in the outfield and or near the wall.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player to lose control of the defensive fielder after throwing to a base in a rundown situation.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause runners to appear like their “skating” while running to the base in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where the base runner would move up a base when the batter attempts to drag bunt while simultaneously hit by a pitch.
  • Fixed an issue where commentary would not play for Pitcher substitutions.
  • Fixed a bug where the pitching meter line would not turn red on early or late throws.
  • Fixed a few scenarios where the ball would appear to “warp”  into gloves on pick-ups and catches.

Ranked Seasons Pitcher Energy Balance:

  • Removed energy regeneration for starting pitchers that pitched in the current game.
  • Slightly increased energy regeneration for all pitchers that did not pitch in the current game.

Graphics / Performance

  • Fixed an issue causing FPS slow-downs in all stadiums in certain situations.

Battle Royale Update

First, all BR entries are FREE until June 26! Start practicing your draft strategy as we approach the first tournament in MLB The Show 20.

The second update in Battle Royale focuses on the two Diamond player rounds, and this change will be in effect for the Summer Circuit tournament.

  • 99-97 overall players in the first Diamond round*
  • 96-90 overall players in the second Diamond round*

The updated Diamond rounds mean you will see better squads with these higher calibre players, and more importantly, improved balance between users’ drafts.

This new MLB The Show 20 update is scheduled to go live on June 18th at exactly 3:00 AM (PT)

Source: TheShowNation

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