MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Controls for PlayStation and Xbox

This guide will be showing you the default MLB The Show 21 controls for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. Note that you can customize these default controls by simply going to the settings menu of MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Controls

Hitting Controls – Zone Interface

Aim the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI)Left StickLeft Stick
Press Early and Hold for SacrificeTriangleY
Press Late for Drag-BuntTriangleY
Power SwingSquareX
Contact SwingCircleB
Normal SwingXA

Batting – Bunt Influence Pre-Pitch

Cancel Current InfluenceRight Stick UpRight Stick Up
Influence a Drag BuntRight Stick LeftRight Stick Left
Influence a Push BluntRight Stick RightRight Stick Right

Batting Misc

Activate Batter’s Eye CamR3R3
Control the CameraRight StickRight Stick
Guess Pitch TypeR2 + X, Circle, Square, TriangleRT + A, B, X, Y
Guess LocationR2 + Left StickRT + Left Stick
Quick Menu (Excluding Player Lock)D-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Pitcher Attributes / Player QuirksD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Pitching and Batting BreakdownD-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Call Timeout (Before Windup)D-Pad DownD-Pad Down

Pitching Controls – Meter Interface

Pitch Type 1XA
Pitch Type 2CircleB
Pitch Type 3TriangleY
Pitch Type 4SquareX
Pitch Type 5R1RB
Pitch OutL1 + XLB + A
Intentional WalkL1 + CircleLB + B

Pitching Misc

ActionPlayStation Xbox
Pitch BallXA
Position Ball in the ZoneLeft StickLeft Stick
Request Catcher’s Pitch CallR2RT
Look at RunnerR2RT
Deceptive Mode (Hold)L2 + Circle, Square, TriangleLT + B, X, Y
Slide Step with Runners on BaseL2 + XLT + A
Pickoff to 1stL2 + CircleLT + B
Pickoff to 2ndL2 + TriangleLT + Y
Pickoff to 3rdL2 + SquareLT + X
Step Off Mound (from Windup / Stretch)L1LB

Throwing Controls – Button Accuracy Interface

Move PlayerLeft StickLeft Stick
Jump / DiveRight StickRight Stick
Throw to 1stCircleB
Throw to 2ndTriangleY
Throw to 3rdSquareX
Throw to HomeXA
Throw to CutoffL1LB
Switch to Closet Player (Without Ball)L2LT

Default Base Running Controls

Point towards the Location to target a RunnerLeft StickLeft Stick
Advance / Return IndividualLeft Stick + Circle, Square, TriangleLeft Stick + B, X, Y
Return All RunnersR1RB
Return Individual RunnerR1 + LRB + L
Stop RunnerR2RT
Lead Off / Advance AllL1LB
Lead Off Individual RunnerL + L1L + LB
Steal All RunnersL2LT
Hold and Release to Steal EarlyL2LT
Steam Individual RunnerL + L2L + LT

Sliding Controls – Slides at Home

Straight in Feet FirstRight Stick DownRight Stick Down
Straight in Head FirstRight Stick UpRight Stick Up
Wide Right Feet FirstRight Stick Bottom RightRight Stick Bottom Right
Wide Right Head FirstRight Stick Top RightRight Stick Top Right

Sliding Controls – Slides at Bases

Straight in Feet FirstRight Stick DownRight Stick Down
Straight in Head FirstRight Stick UpRight Stick Up
Hook at the LeftRight Stick LeftRight Stick Left
Hook to the RightRight Stick RightRight Stick Right
Break up a Double Play at 2ndRight Stick DownRight Stick Down

Did we miss any MBL The Show 21 control keys? If the answer is yes, please leave a comment below and we will be updating this MLB The Show 21 controls guide.

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