Monster Hunter World: How To Use The Hunting Horn – Advanced Tips and Guide

Monster Hunter World offers a lot of weapons, which also makes the game so great. Some of these weapons are easy to use and some of them required some skills to use its full potential properly. One of this weapon that is underrated and not commonly used is the hunting horn.

The Hunting Horn is an excellent weapon for a team. But like what I’ve said earlier, this weapon is complicated which is why some players avoid using it. But for those who want to be good support but also a hard carry in your squad, then maybe you should try practicing the horn.

Mastering the Moves of the Hunting Horn

Do not focus on the songs and just concentrate on the moves. Just ignore everything and focus and get familiar with the seven moves that the weapon can offer. All these moves are close in power, but it offers a wide variety on the direction of the impact. Players should be familiar will all these moves first before getting familiar with the song mechanic that will boost the weapon.

Memorize The Songs

Getting an extra damage boost came from a note (up to four), which appears in the upper lefthand corner of the screen. On the upper righthand side of the screen shows a number of songs that can be played with the hunting horn. These notes are very powerful and are the reasons why you should be using the Hunting Horn.

Interestingly, these songs do not only give you the bonus but it also affects to all of your team members. There are two tiers of each song. The song can be played actively which will extend the length of effect for each player. Hunting Horn users can stack up to three songs to use in the future.

Hunting Horn offers a great bonus but mastering them is the hardest part. A player should master the correct line up of moves to activate the song that they are needed. The best way to master it is by visiting the practice area.

Buff Yourself

Self Improvement is a song that can be used by the owner of the Hunting Horn. It will give the weapon a huge damage boost and additional Mind’s Eye buff effect that will only last for three minutes.

Use Encores

Hunting Horns offer a hidden attack called Encores. If you’re in the middle of playing a song, hitting R2 you will follow up with an Encore and an additional play song for free, giving you two tiers of skills. But make sure to point the animation towards the monster that you want to hit when you activate your Encore.

Regular Attacks

Don’t forget to make a regular attack. Keep in mind that Hunting Horns have a similar effect with the Hammer. It does a large impact damage and can stun a monster when you successfully hit its head. Every hit counts so make sure to attack regularly.

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