Where to Find the Devs in Jump The Gun

One of the achievements that you can obtain in Jump The Gun is called “A Look Behind the Curtain”, where you are tasked to find the devs. In this article, we will be showing you where and how to find the devs and unlock the achievement in the game.

A Look Behind the Curtain
Find the devs.

Where to Find the Devs

1. Go to the penultimate segment of the map, as shown in the image

2. Aim to the bottom right of your character in order to boost you to the left (you might feel like you’re going the wrong way but just make sure you’re hugging the left side and you’ll be safe).

3. You’ll probably fall for around 8 seconds until you hit a wall. Just let your character slide down it.

4. You should see some floating rocks. Use your gun to shoot yourself onto them

5. Move onto the pillar on the far left side.

6. You should see a large platform above you. It may be quite tricky but use your rocket gun (right click) first to boost you up and then shoot your regular gun (left click) twice vertically to lift you up onto the platform. I’ve posted a screenshot where the red arrow represents the right click and the yellow arrows are the left clicks. The green circle is the desired landing location.

7. Everything beyond this point should be pretty simple. Just walk towards the men on the computers to the left. I shot my gun a couple times around them and the achievement seemed to pop up. Say hi to these lovely devs!

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