Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Achievement Guide

This guide will be covering the details on how you can get 100% achievement in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2. If you’re planning to obtain all Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 achievements, this one is for you.

There’s a total of 28 achievements in Ronin: Two Souls. 3 of these achievements are hidden and secret. Below are the details on how you can obtain them.

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Achievements

Note that some of the achievements are story related. You can find the exact guide for some missable achievements by clicking the achievement link name.

Level Up
Earn enough experience to level up a Monster Jam Truck
Speed Demon
Reach a speed in excess of 100.31 mph (161.43 km/h)
Sky High
Jump higher than 33.8 feet (10.3m)
On the Right Track
Finish a race without going off track
Long Jumper
Jump a distance greater than 237.7 feet (72.42m)
No More Training Wheels
Complete the tutorial
Total Destruction
Complete a Destruction Combo greater than 35x in Timed Destruction
Keeping It Clean
Finish a race in first with no panels broken
Successfully perform 100 combos
Wheelie King
Hold a Wheelie trick for 150 feet (45.72m) or longer
Max Level
High Miles
Drive for over 100 miles (160.934km)
Step Into the Arena
Complete an Online match
Collect all collectibles in a zone
New Paint Job
Full Garage
Skeletal Remains
Finish a race in first with all panels broken
See the World
Unlock all Zones
Better with friends
Find 1 zone collectible and 1 World Secret in an online explore session
Stunt Man
Successfully perform an 11x stunt combo in Freestyle
Stoppie Master
Hold a Stoppie trick for 209 ft (63.7m) or longer
Crazy Like a Fox
Unlock all Crazy Creatures and find their World Secrets
Ready, Willing and Able
Complete all Challenges Events to obtain all Team Ability Upgrades
World Champion
Place 1st in the World Finals XIX
World Class
Complete 25 Online matches
Place 1st in every Chapter in World Career
Master Collector
Collect all collectibles in all zones
Defending the Title
Place 1st in the World Finals XX

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