Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay – Beginner’s Fishing Guide

In Moonglow Bay, you play the role of rookie angler, and fishing is one of the skills that you should be mastering. The better you fish, the more income that you will be getting. In this guide, we will be telling you the basic fishing guide and tips to help you in your journey in Moonglow Bay.

How to Fish

Fishing is an excellent way to acquire seafood for your recipes and new species for the aquarium.

While in town, approach any fishing sign and select the fish icon to cast from the shore. When out at sea, approach the side of your boat instead.

To cast, move (WASD) to change the trajectory then press and hold the spacebar key. The longer you hold the spacebar key, the further you will cast. Fish will bite sooner if you cast further from your boat or the shore.

Hooking and Reeling

When your lure dips, press and hold the down arrow key on your keyboard to hook the fish. Keep holding the down arrow key to reel it in.

Fish will swim in different directions as they try to escape. Move (WASD) to pull the line in the opposite direction the fish is swimming to draw it towards you.

Watch out! If a fish gains enough distance, it will unhook from the line and escape!

Striking and Charging

To strike move left, right, or down, then press the spacebar key to haul the line sharply towards you. Be careful you don’t strike too often or you’ll tire yourself out!

If the line becomes too strained, it will snap and the fish will escape. Pulling in the wrong direction or allowing a fish to charge will increase line tension.

Certain fish may also charge in an attempt to escape. Quickly press the spacebar key to interrupt and briefly stun a charging fish.

Your Gear

The gear menu allows you to change your rod, lure, and bait before you cast. To open, select the fishing rod icon before you begin to fish.

Changing your lure and bait will attract different varieties of fish. Changing your rod will alter the speed and challenge when reeling them in.

Fish Behaviour

When reeling in a fish, it will demonstrate one of three behaviors:

  • Fast fish will dart around quickly to wriggle free.
  • Aggressive fish will use speed and strength to escape.
  • Resilient fish are slow-moving but powerful.

Change your lure to attract different species, and change your rod to get an extra edge when reeling them in.


Lures attract different fish based on their behavior.

The Spinner Lure attracts Fast and Aggressive fish. The Jig Lure attracts Aggressive and Resilient fish. The Plug Lure attracts Resilient and Fast fish.

Change your rod to get an extra edge when reeling, and change your bait to improve the odds of attracting larger species.


Strong and Balanced

Your rod determines the speed and challenge of reeling fish.

  • The Strong rod is the easiest to handle. However, striking is less effective and the reel speed is slow. It also reduces the initial line tension when reeling Resilient species.
  • The Balanced rod is a reliable all-rounder.

Poise and Agile

  • The Poise rod makes your strikes very effective but trickier to perform. It also reduces the initial line tension when reeling Aggressive species.
  • The Agile rod has the fastest reel speed but fish can escape at a much shorter distance. It also reduces the initial line tension when reeling Fast species.

Change your lure to attract different species based on their behavior, and use bait to improve the odds of attracting larger species.


Use bait to improve the odds of attracting larger species.

Casting with no bait will attract Small species only. Casting with low-grade bait will attract Small and Medium-sized species. Casting with high-grade bait will attract Medium and Large-sized species.

Acquiring Bait

To acquire bait, use your net on the beach to catch sand fleas, then return to your kitchen to prepare them into bait. Each sand flea provides three pieces of low-grade bait.

Bait can also be used to acquire at the Bait Exchange at the Sea Market. Fish can be exchanged for low-grade bait, and low-grade bait can be exchange for high-grade bait.

Net Fishing

Using a net is a great way to catch sand fleas, clear trash from the ocean, or catch several small species at once. Look out for dark spots on the beach or near the water’s surface.

To cast your net, approach a fishing spot, spect the net icon, then press the spacebar key to cast. Release when your arms are fully extended for more distance.

Hold the down arrow key to draw the net back in, and move left and right to drag it side to side.

Lobster Traps

Lobster traps are the only way to catch certain species. Traps are reusable and multiple traps can be set at once.

To set a trap, approach a fishing spot, select the trap icon, then select either low-grade or high-grade bait. Leave the trap undisturbed for a day or so until it’s full, at which point the toggle on the float will flip.

Set traps will appear on your map. Remember, if you recover a trap before the toggle flips, you won’t catch anything and lose your bait.

Ice Fishing

Certain species can only be caught by fishing through the ice. Look out for fishing holes in the ice, or use the auger to drill fresh holes at marked locations.

To begin fishing, press the K key next to an available hole in the ice. When a fish bites, press the down arrow key to set the hook. To heave a fish to the surface, press the spacebar key when the “strike” ring is in the hit zone.

In this guide, we are using the PC version of the game. If you are playing Moonglow Bay on Xbox, you can refer to the Moonglow Bay controls guide for the equivalent actions of the keys mentioned above.

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