My Hero Academia Chapter 287 Spoilers, Release Date: Nana Shimura Joins the Fight

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia manga fans are going crazy after the release of the previous chapter. Now, everyone is excited to read My Hero Academia Chapter 287 and see the continuation of the series.

Well, we can’t really blame these fans for the hype as the previous chapter 286 gives them a major cliffhanger. In case you haven’t read the previous Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter yet, we’re here to break it down for you.

In chapter 286, Boku no Hero Academia enthusiasts witnessed the rage of Midoriya after witnessing Bakugo getting hurt by Shigaraki’s attack. The manga also showcased the raging Gigantomachia, who is currently heading to his master’s location.

My Hero Academia

Meanwhile, it seems that Shigaraki managed to grab Midoriya and we see the villain getting excited to steal our hero’s Quirk. This is a bad position for Midoriya and before everything gets worse, one of the previous wielders of One for All Quirk showed up on Midoriya’s mind.

This was Nana Shimura, who is known for her One for All: Float Quirk and being Tomura Shigaraki’s grandmother. The last spread of the chapter sees her holding Deku to the ground while saying “You can’t move in this world yet, so let us handle this.”

What does Nana Shimura mean? Let’s see how things unfold once the 287th chapter of Boku no Hero Academia manga series releases on October 11, 2020. As always, you can read the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 287 and all of the previously released chapters on Viz Media and Manga Plus.