My Hero Academia Chapter 290

My Hero Academia Chapter 290 Spoilers, Release Date: Shigaraki’s Backup Arrives

Kohei Horikoshi just dropped the latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia. Now, manga readers are now excited to read My Hero Academia Chapter 290. Well, we actually can’t blame them for the excitement that they feel due to the epic scenes that happened in Chapter 289.

As seen in Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 289, Ochaco Uraraka has finally ended the match against Toga Himiko. As we all know, Ochaco was lured by Toga and was confronted in a room. There, the two got a chance to have a short discussion while fighting.

Meanwhile, Boku no Hero Academia fans also witnessed how Tenya Ida arrives to backup and support Midoriya, Bakugo, and the other heroes. On his arrival, Ida sees how his friends got hurt by the raging Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 290

Tomura Shigaraki’s regeneration power has slowed down based on Shoto Todoroki’s observation. Todoroki also asked to bring the wounded heroes to a safe place including Midoriya but Deku objected. Midoriya’s objection was due to the fact that Shigaraki was targetting him and bringing him along with the other wounded heroes will just put them on more danger.

Just before the last chapter ends, we got to see a cliffhanger of Tomura Shigaraki’s backup. The unstoppable Gigantomachia, along with the other villains, have finally arrived at Tomura’s location. Now, the remaining heroes on the ground are all shocked knowing how they are being overpowered by the villains.

Will they be able to defeat and withstand the new enemies? Let’s find out in the next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 290 Release Date

For fans who are looking forward to seeing the next chapter, please mark your calendar for its release on Sunday, November 8, 2020. You can read the next chapter of My Hero Academia, including all the previously released chapters, on Manga Plus and Viz Media.

My Hero Academia Chapter 290 Spoilers and Predictions

Currently, there is still no leaked spoilers and raw scans about the next Boku no Hero Academia manga. Raw scans are usually leaked ahead of its official release date. In the meantime, here is our prediction for the next chapter.

One of the most possible events that may happen in the next chapter is the fight between the heroes against Gigantomachia. Knowing that Shigaraki is already weakened, his subordinates will surely defend him at all cost.

What do you think will happen in the next chapter? Make sure to share your opinion and ideas in the comments.

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