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My Hero Academia Reveals Dabi and Endeavor’s Backstory

My Hero Academia Chapter 301 is now available and manga fans can now read it online via Viz Media and Manga Plus. Following the arrival of Endeavor’s family in his room for a visit, the new chapter features a flashback of Endeavor and Dabi.

As seen in Chapter 301 of Boku no Hero Academia, the wedding between Rei and Enji has were arranged by their family. Enji was seen proposing to Rei, where Rei’s family also agreed.

Later after getting married, we got to see the young Toya Todoroki, asking his father to train him. But Endeavor declined and told his son that he still has a lot of things to do.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 301 continues with the young Toya attempting to convince his father that he can bear and handle the pain after getting burnt by his own flame. The manga also sees how Toya is excited to surpass the Number 1 Pro Hero, All Might.

Seeing how Toya strives to gain Enji’s approval, the young Fuyumi can’t help but feel worried for Toya. Shortly after, we got to see Endeavor talking with Rei and confessing how Toya won’t be able to surpass All Might.

Some later time, the manga features the arrival of Shoto Todoroki. Enji was shocked upon seeing Shoto for the first time and already knowing that his youngest son has both of his and her mothers Quirk.

While everyone is busy with Shoto, Toya was still seen doing his best to prove his worth to his father. Toya’s father approached him and told Toya to stop as he is just hurting himself. Upon hearing his father’s advice, showed his power to his father and we have seen his rage and sees Toya attacking Shoto.

The result of Toya’s attack on his brother wasn’t shown in this chapter. Instead, we got to see the manga returning to its current timeline showing Rei also blaming herself for what happened to their son.

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