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My Hero Academia Reveals Lady Nagant’s Quirk and Crazy Abilities

Boku no Hero Academia is really getting more intense following the AFO’s prison break along with the other criminals. The city became restless after this awful incident and the heroes are pressured with the criticism that they are getting from the public.

While we already know that some of the well-known criminals have escaped, it seems that All for One also freed much stronger criminals to help him. In My Hero Academia Chapter 311, the manga series revealed Lady Nagant, a former Hero of the Heroic Public Safety Commission and now a member of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Lady Nagant’s Abilities

Chapter 311 of Boku no Hero Academia reveals some of the abilities of this new villain who just joined All for One. According to Pro Hero Snipe, he could be the number one long-distance sniper in Japan if Lady Nagant is not in the picture. His statement suggests that Lady Nagant is way better than him, despite the fact that his Quirk is Homing.

Pro Hero Snipe relies his sniping skills on his Quirk while Lady Nagant is just using his pure skills to snipe enemies. Unlike Sniper who can target-lock anyone within 600 meters, Lady Nagant’s range is 3 kilometers. Again, this was just Lady Nagant’s skills.

Lady Nagant’s Quirk

The villain’s skills are being enhanced by her Quirk which is called Rifle, making Lady Nagant a human sniper. Using her Rifle Quirk, Lady Nagant can spawn several weapons on her right arm such as a sniper rifle. The Rifle Quirk also allows Lady Nagant to create various ammo into any shape she wants.

Apart from the Rifle Quirk that Lady Nagant possessed before going to the prison, My Hero Academia Chapter 311 also confirmed that All for One gave her a new Quirk. This new Quirk of hers is the Levitation that allows her to float and walk in the air.

Lady Nagant showcased her Levitation Quirk in Chapter 311 as she tried to carry out the mission – to abduct Midoriya.

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