My Hero Academia Overhaul

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 2 Sees Overhaul vs League of Villains

The second episode of the fourth season of My Hero Academia just dropped and fans are hyped of the unexpected events that happened.

Following the defeat of All For One during the fight against All Might, Tomura Shigaraki, the current leader of League of Villains, has started recruiting new members to join them. Twice witnessed Overhaul’s power and decides to recruit him to join the League of Villains.

Twice takes Overhaul to an abandoned factory where Tomura plans to hold an interview. However, things did not go well as Overhaul seems to have a better plan. Instead of accepting Tomura’s invitation, Overhaul confidently asked them to join him and become their leader.

Tomura tells Overhaul to leave while Magne used his power and pull Overhaul toward him. While everything looks fine, Overhaul quickly avoided Magne’s attack and attacked him using his quirk which killed Magne. After Magne’s body explodes, Mr. Compress jumps into action and attacked Overhaul. However, he was hit by a mysterious needle that nullifies his quirk. Overhaul touched Mr. Compress’ arms which also exploded.

After witnessing all the failed attacks, Tomura also rushed towards Overhaul and tries to disintegrate him but Overhaul calls a shield from his member who received Tomura’s attack. After Overhaul’s ally dies, the remaining members of the Yakuza jump in resulting in ending the battle between Overhaul and League of Villains.

Himiko and Twice want to attack the enemy to avenge the death of their allies but Tomura stopped them. Overhaul and the others walk away ending with a statement about another meeting once their head calmed down and leaving his contact card on the ground.

While Tomura Shigaraki is the main villain of the story, Overhaul is the main antagonist of My Hero Academia Season 4. Comparing Tomura and Overhaul’s quirk, it’s obvious that he has a much quirk power. Kai Chisaki quirk allows him to disassemble or reassemble anything he touches.