The Last Starship – Outcome Guide for Possible Events

Wondering what outcomes are possible for the events? This guide may help you choose.

Sector 000: Special Missions

You do want to immediately accept all given special missions to you. These unlock incentives for you to reach, like gathering science data in FTL or helping colonists in space.

Sector 001: Tiddlets

Upon reaching Sector 001 you will be greeted with a comm signal asking you to deliver Tiddles.

Caveat: Traveling too far with FTL causes Tiddlets to randomly combust and die. You will be range limited in your jump distance. The further you jump, the more Tiddlets it’s guaranteed to kill.

After one jump you will be contacted by a dubious party offering you to sell them the tiddlets. You can (as of Alpha 1) only deliver tiddlets to one party, not both.
Every jump causes the Tiddlets to multiply, so with every FTL, you could potentially rake in a lot of banks.

Choosing to deliver the tiddlets

  • Gives you 400.000$
  • Adds 1 point humanitarian and logistics rating per Tiddlet
  • If you deliver a lot of them (unclear how many), you get two Long Range Hyperspace Sensors (which gather more science data)

Giving them to the Wanted: Tiddles party

  • Gives you 10.000$ per tiddles
  • Adds 1 point criminal and logistics rating per Tiddlet


As of Alpha 1, there are currently no more such events other than Tiddles and the incremental monetary bonus when you gather science or rescue people.

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